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Friday, May 1, 2020

99 quotes and proverbs about passion to motivate you

99 quotes and proverbs about passion to motivate you

Passion always shakes reason.

We need passion to exist.

Wisdom keeps you alive, passions keep you alive.
Sébastien-Roch Nicolas de Chamfort

Act with passion but think with clarity.
Hannah Arendt

The sacred fire is the one that ignites itself.
Marie Joséphine de Suin

Sober passions make common people.
Denis Diderot

An infinity of passions can last in a minute.Gustave Flaubert

He who has a decided passion sees only through it.Pierre-Jules Stahl (Various thoughts & reflections)

Nothing great has ever been possible without passion.Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Dominate your passions so they don't dominate you.Publilius Syrus

A little passion increases the spirit, many extinguishes it.Stendhal

Passion is the only truly renewable energy.Philippe d'Ansembourg

The prosaic passions lower, the altruistic ideal raises.Anonymous

It is fleeting passion, not love, that is blind.Anonymous

Passion is momentary atrophy of critical thinking.Philippe Bouvard

Living a passion is bringing light into your life.Anonymous

It is the passions and not the interests that drive the world.Alain (Mars or La guerre jugée)

It is to the well-used passions that the soul owes its elevation.Anonymous

The passions of young people are vices in old age.Joseph Joubert (Thoughts)

Without passions, it is impossible to do great things.Anonymous

Even intelligence only works under the impulse of desire.Paul Claudel (Positions and proposals)

None of the passions are bad in themselves, they are levers.E. sue

When passion comes in through the door, reason runs out of the window.Anonymous

Passions are the salt of life; only you have to know how to direct them.Sarah Newton (Maxims and Thoughts, T.3, Paris, 1855)

It is difficult to overcome your passions, and impossible to satisfy them.Marguerite Hessein La Sablière

Reason distinguishes man from animal, but passion confuses them.Antoine Gombaud (Maxims, sentences and reflections, 1687)

Ambition is a passion that is part of the stupidity of young age.Henry de Montherlant (Unnecessary Service, 1935)

The strongest man is one who knows how to overcome his passion by reason.Imam Ali

The one who is able to feel the passion is the one who can inspire it.Marcel Pagnol

In order to live well, you must maintain in yourself the strongest passions.Plato (Gorgias - 4th century BC)

We must regulate, direct the passions, but not stop the movement.Feuchtersleben

Love is a passion that tires, and friendship a feeling that rests.Alexandre Dumas, fils

It is to the strong passions that we owe the invention and the wonders of the arts. Helvetius

Inconsistency is often the hallmark of a great power of passions.Napoleon Bonaparte

Those who believe that friendship is not a passion do not know it.Madame de Maintenon

The more we live with passion, the more we are filled with life forces.Anonymous

The art of living consists in sacrificing a low passion to a higher passion.François Mauriac (The knot of vipers, 1932)

Whoever has great passions is necessarily exposed to great sacrifices.Lao Tzu

The disordered soul is like a barrel pierced because of its insatiable nature.Socrates

We put more passion into getting what we don't have to do than keep what we have.Stendhal

The greatest perfection of freedom is to master your own passions.John Locke (The Essay on Human Understanding)

The duration of our passions does not depend more on us than the duration of our life.La Rochefoucauld

When our passion drives us to do something, we forget our duty.Blaise Pascal

Your reason and your passions are the rudders and the sails of your sailing soul.Anonymous

Man is thus constructed: when a subject ignites it, the impossibility disappears from his soul.Jean de La Fontaine (fable: The two dogs and the dead donkey)

Without reason, passion is blind, and without passion, reason leads nowhere.Michel Godet

When the passion is really strong, there is no dam or wall that its current does not carry.Emile Augier (Gabrielle) external link to Wikisource

Passion is an excess of life, an excess of light, impossible to spread in everyday life.Tahar Ben Jelloun

One cannot be loving and compassionate without containing one's immediate desires and interests.Dalai Lama (Ancient Wisdom, Modern World)

All passion is good when you are a master of it, but bad when you are subject to it.Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The passions are so made, perhaps, that they perish as soon as they no longer have to wait.Alain

The righteous are masters of their passions. But the wicked are slaves of their desires.(Talmud)

To the carefree life is the fruitless tree and to the absence of passion is the silence of the drives.Daniel Desbiens (Maxims of Today)

In a life without passion, the superficial becomes the best substitute for what really matters.Philip Joseph McGraw

You know you are on the road to success if you would do your job even without being paid.Anonymous

The two most powerful warriors are time and passion. They defeat all enemies.Leo Tolstoy

It is a great deception to believe that the average man is only susceptible to average passions.Anonymous

It is with our passions like fire and water; they are good servants, but bad masters.Roger L'Estrange

Passion is like an illness; it is much easier to succumb to it than to get rid of it.Anonymous

Anything that frees our minds without giving us the means to control our passions is pernicious.Johann Goethe (Maxims and reflections, 1842)

It is not up to us to have or not to have passions, but it is up to us to rule over them.Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Passion often makes us believe that certain things are much more desirable than they really are.Anonymous

By taking passion at its source, we find that it is as necessary for the soul as heat is for the body.P. Janet

The true weight of a passion is measured by the sacrifices and the audacity that one is ready to put in the balance.Robert Charlebois

Passions are all good by nature and we have nothing to avoid except their misuse or excess.René Descartes

Passions are like devouring fires that prepare to destroy what is most precious to man.Omraam Michaël Aïvanhov

You may not always get what you want, but you will find that you probably got what you needed.Anonymous

What could be more wonderful than having a passion, a favorite activity, in which we fully thrive?Anonymous

Passions are the winds that swell the sails of the ship; they sometimes overwhelm him, but without them he could not sail.Voltaire (Zadig)

It is our passions that make us weak because it would take more force to satisfy them than nature gave us.Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Passion is like drugs. At first, you think you have mastered it. Then one day, you must admit that it is she who controls you.Guillaume Musso (The Angel's Call)

The man who does not have a dominant passion is like the man without character; neither are called to great things.Joseph Sanial-Dubay

It is not the ideas of science that generate passions, it is the passions that use science to support their cause.François Jacob (The game of possibilities)

We all have the capacity to love, to help, to be compassionate. These qualities are part of us. True compassion does not exclude anyone.Anonymous

He dies slowly whoever avoids passion and its whirlwind of emotions, those which give backlight in the eyes and repair the wounded hearts.Anonymous

Passion is a powerful energy that infuses an incredible vital force into your vision, which increases its effectiveness in becoming reality quickly.Sandy Forster

The passions are in all, and all could overcome them if they had the firm resolution to fight them because evil does not happen without consent.Edouard Bricon

It is always in a field that fascinates us that we are most likely to succeed. We put the best of ourselves into it, we are always focused on what we have to do without counting our hours.Charles Tisseyre

Ah! dear love, a dear passion that carries me away, the roads are wide open where the kisses that adorn our graves bloom. I have traveled on your breath to the afar of love.Louise de Vilmorin (Erica returns)

As long as one wishes, one can do without being happy; one expects to become one; if happiness does not come, hope is prolonged, and the charm of the illusion lasts as long as the passion which causes it.Jean-Jacques Rousseau

I am not of the opinion that one should exempt oneself from having passions; it suffices to make them subject to reason, they are sometimes all the more useful as they lean more towards excess.René Descartes (Correspondence, to Elisabeth, September 1, 1645)

I know that life is worth living, that happiness is accessible, that it is "simply" enough to find your deep vocation, and to give yourself to what you love with total self-surrender.Romain Gary

Rarely does reason heal passions; one passion is healed by another. The reason often puts itself on the side of the strongest: there is no violent passion which has no reason to authorize itselfAbbot of Ailly

Nourish yourself with real passions that shine in your eyes, that transform your life and that push you every day to look forward to tomorrow to find this flame that animates you.Anonymous

There are passions only those which strike us first and surprise us; the others are only connections where we voluntarily carry our hearts. Real inclinations tear us away despite us.Madame de LaFayette

Passion is a feeling that tells you: it's the right thing to do. Nothing can stand in my way. No matter what everyone says. This feeling is so good that it cannot be ignored. I will follow my happiness and follow up on this wonderful feeling of joy.Wayne W. Dyer


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