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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

80 messages to say and not to say to a sad person

Things to say to a sad person 

80 messages to say and not to say to a sad person

  • Be aware that your loved one may not be honest about the seriousness of their condition. Many depressed people are ashamed of themselves and lie about the severity of their condition. If you ask your loved one, how are you? And he simply answers good. Don't immediately believe this answer. Instead, take the time to assess your loved one's situation. Above all, don't judge this one if you think he lied. Perhaps he was clumsily trying to protect himself. 
  • Say the above things only if you really mean them, the first five in particular. 

Things to say to a loved one who is depressed and sad: 

1. Encourage the depressed person with supportive words, compliments and reminding them of what they have accomplished in the past. 

2. If you feel abandoned, know that I will always be there for you. 

3. Never think you are alone to face this ordeal. 

4. If you need to speak, I'm here to listen to you at all times and in complete confidentiality. 

5. I love you unconditionally, no matter what you say or do. 

6. I'm sorry you 're in pain. 

7. There is a solution, although it may be difficult to see it now. 

8. Don't worry, talk about your sadness won't hurt me. 

9. Tell me what I can do for you now, today or in the next few days. 

10. In my eyes, you are so important. 

11. You wo n't always be like that, we will find a way to make you feel better. 

12. You mustn't feel guilty or be ashamed: it's absolutely not your fault. 

13. Even when you recover, I continue to be there for you. 

14. The current difficulties will disappear. Soon, the future will be open before you again. 

15. Take your time, no one is pressing you to get better. 

16. Having negative thoughts doesn't make you a bad person. 

17. Your thoughts and feelings are important to me, I would like if you want to know them better. 

18. You have every right to experience how you feel. 

19. It is true that certain situations are difficult. It is also true that we are worried sometimes unnecessarily about disasters that never happen. 

20. When we are sad, we have tend to overlook or ignore certain positive things. 

Here are some examples of positive things: your children, your husband, your friends, the love you receive from them, your health, your successful studies, a good career, your experience, your good reputation, your nice smile. 

21. I want to share good times with you, I have small ideas, but is there an activity that would please you? 

Here are 11 suggestions of activity: 

(1) attending a show or go to the movies 

(2) for a ride by car 

(3) playing a video game 

(4) do a nature hike 

(5) playing sports 

(6) volunteering 

(7) simply going to eat at a restaurant or having a drink 

(8) shopping, shopping in Quebec 

(9) visiting a museum 

(10) going on a tourist hike 

(11) organize a marathon of films or episodes of a television series with friends. 

If you think the person should see a doctor and when the time is right, ask them, have you seen a doctor about how you feel? 

If a treatment medical or psychological is already underway, try to never seem discouraged by the duration of it. Keep in mind that these treatments take considerable time to take effect. 

Create conditions for your loved one to want to talk, to confide. 

Show some confidence and optimism by saying, for example, I know you well, so I know you can do it even if it's difficult. 

When the worst of his discouragement has passed, the person again becomes able to consider the future. It is then a good time to help him find one or more projects, aspirations or dreams that will help to further decrease his sadness. 

Things not to say: 

1. You should do things that make you happy. 

2. There are people who have real problems. 

3. You have to react. 

4. There are people in worse situations than you who are not sad. 

5. You don't seem to be doing well, you look bad. 

6. Happiness is simply a choice. 

7. You worry about absolutely nothing. You'll see, everything will be fine. 

8. You shouldn't have felt sad. 

9. You have to find a solution to your problem on your own. 

10. Just try not to think about of sad things. 

11. We are the result of our thoughts. 

12. What is your problem after all ? 

13. Your problem is just that you isolate yourself from everything and everyone. 

14. It's all in your head that it is happening, so it is easy to resolve. 

15. Stop acting stupidly. 

16. No one said life was fair. 

17. It's your fault. 

18. Okay now your comedy is enough, shake yourself, when we want, we can. 

19. You don't seem to have enough willpower to get out of it. 

20. You have already been happy, so you can be happy again. 

21. I am disappointed with you. 

22. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. 

23. Turn the page and move on. 

24. Don't let yourself be shot. 

25. Get moving instead of hanging out in bed every morning! 

26. I know someone like you, who never recovered. 

27. I can't help it, if you're not in your head ! 

28. Shouldn't you have started feeling better all this time? 

29. Trust me, I know exactly how you feel, I lived the same thing in the past. 

30. I don't recognize you anymore. 

31. Me too am sad sometimes, but I don't make a big deal out of it like you. 

32. Your problem is that you are too idle, keep yourself busy and you will be fine. 

33. I think your sadness crisis is a way to punish us or get attention. 

34. You are so selfish, you only think of yourself. 

35. Are you not tired of always being sad? 

36. It's nothing, it will pass by itself. 

37. I thought you were stronger than that. 

38. Show a will strong and it will get better. 

39. It's impossible a solid person like you to be depressed. 

40. I don't know how act with a person like you. 

41. I'll talk to you when you get better. 

42. Why are you no longer mature ? 

43. Stop acting like a child. 

44. If you keep complaining, no one will want to talk to you anymore. 

45. There is nothing I can do to help you. 

46. You should take pills to cheer you up. 

In these moments of intense discouragement, an awkward sentence can finish the most valiant. A sincere message can. 

Suspected depression or depression: If you suspect someone is depressed or depressed, you should keep in mind that people with this condition may not want or be able to ask for help. This is why, it is important that their loved ones are proactive, and if necessary insist a little. Click here for suggestions: How to help a depressed loved one?

Consultation of professional therapists:

This article does not replace in any way the consultation of professional therapists: psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists, etc. People who need it should consult accredited specialists. If so, don't hesitate to suggest it to the discouraged person. 


It is important not to trivialize the suffering of a depressed loved one. Rather, he needs us to take his condition seriously. Your presence must be reassuring and loving. Give him the opportunity to relieve his difficulties and vent his frustrations. Know that you do not need to speak extensively. The simple fact of being present and sincerely interested in their well-being already constitutes an important contribution to the recovery of your loved one. 

The words of benevolence may be brief, but their echo resonates endlessly. 

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