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Friday, May 22, 2020

15 Indoor Plants Growing WITHOUT Sunlight.

Everyone knows that plants need light. So should we give up having plants if our rooms are dark and lack light? 

Do not panic! 

There are plants that enjoy the shade. And they thrive there very well. They are said to be shadow plants. 

These plants don't need a lot of light. They just need indirect exposure. 

So how do you know if there is enough indirect light in your home? 

It is very simple. If you can read a book in a room with natural light, then there is enough indirect light for these plants. 

To make your life easier, we have selected for you 15 indoor plants that grow without light. 

1. Aglaonème (Chinese evergreens)

Aglaonème (Chinese evergreens)

With its magnificent foliage, this houseplant illuminates a living room, an office, an entrance, or a bedroom. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight but enjoys a bright environment. 

2. Bromeliad 


This beautiful, colorful tropical plant is one of the easiest to grow. Its exotic beauty flourishes in the shade. It is, therefore, a perfect houseplant that gives pep to your decoration! 

3. Dracaena 

Here is a beautiful indoor plant that you can grow at home, even without light. the dracaena. There are many species and they are all easy to maintain. 

4. Mountain palm 

Mountain palm

Nothing scares this magnificent palm tree, not even the dark rooms! It is not demanding to develop: it needs only indirect light and a little water especially in summer. With little maintenance, it brings an exotic touch to any room in the house. 

5. Adiantum fragrans 

Adiantum fragrans

Ferns love shade, humidity, and freshness. The Adiantum fragrans is no exception to the rule. Its beautiful green and light foliage require only one thing to develop: regular watering. This plant known as the hair of Venus will be perfect in a windowless bathroom! 

6. Mother-in-law's tongue 

Mother-in-law's tongue

A great classic! 

The mother-in-law's tongue cannot be punctured. It adapts perfectly in a dimly lit dark environment and is very happy with indirect light. It is very resistant and requires little care. 

7. Cyperus with alternate leaves 

Cyperus with alternate leaves

Are you looking for an indoor plant that is easy to maintain and grow? Then choose this Cyperus with alternate leaves with its beautiful evergreen foliage. This plant with its leaves which resemble umbrellas is also called alternate papyrus. It thrives very well in a living room, an office, or an entrance without direct light.

8. Philodendron 


From the same family as the vines, the philodendron is a perennial houseplant that does not require much sun. Its broad leaves grow in liana and make it a very decorative plant. 

9. Fucus pumila 

Fucus pumila

The Wrack pumila also called creeping fig tree is a very resistant vine. Its dense and delicate foliage can also fall elegantly. It is a pretty indoor plant that also has a reputation for cleaning up indoor air. She does not like direct sun, nor big heat. It is perfect for decorating a bathroom! 

10. Calathea 


Calathea is a very beautiful houseplant thanks to its large leaves decorated with contrasting patterns. She likes the shade well, but she fears the cold. It needs a temperature of 13 ° C minimum. 

11. Maranta leuconeura 

Maranta leuconeura

She's magnificent, isn’t she? This tropical indoor plant does not support direct light! So it needs a dim light. Exposed to direct sun, its sublime leaves with colorful and contrasting patterns dry out. 

12. Peperomias 


Peperomias is a pretty decorative plant with its large leaves that come in different shades of green. Soft light is suitable for it to develop. Indeed, its delicate leaves fear direct exposure to the sun. If you place it near a window, you will have to put a curtain. 

13. Polystichum munitum

Polystichum munitum

This pretty green plant that looks like a fern does not like direct sunlight. A dark room suits this plant perfectly. However, it needs humidity. Her pot soil should be slightly moist and acidic. She enjoys a little spray from time to time. Why not place it in the bathroom so that it benefits from a humid environment? 

14. Epipremnum aureum 

Epipremnum aureum

It is also called the devil's ivy or indoor ivy. It is a very popular houseplant because it is robust and easy to maintain. She is able to live with very little light and requires very little care. Just a little water when the soil in it pot is dry! 

15. Moon flower 

Moon flower

With its elegant white flowers, it looks like an arum! This exotic plant, easy to maintain, grows very well indoors. It should be placed out of direct sunlight for its dense foliage and flowers to develop. Be careful, this plant does not support direct sunlight, but it still needs a bright space to flourish. 



its nickname is The spider plant! It is true that with its long thin and flexible leaves that fall, it reminds of a graceful spider. This resistant plant is very easy to maintain. Ideal for beginner gardeners! It is enough to find it a little corner in the shade or partial shade, without direct light.

Japanese Lay 

This perennial plant likes partial shade. It is in a shaded space that its flexible leaves will develop and form a beautiful decorative tuft. 

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