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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Work from home: 15 genuine ideas for working from home

Work from home: 15 genuine ideas for working from home

In the current situation, many people are experimenting with working from home - also called telework - for the first time. 

A real plague for some, for others working at home brings more motivation, reflection, calm and independence. 

Some have already adopted working from home for a long time with entrepreneurial activities or that do not require a constant presence in the office of their employer. And if you would like it?

Do you realize that you can't stand spending eight hours a day in an office? Are you frustrated by public transport? 

Tired of these cafeteria lunches or butter ham sandwiches at the bakery? You are probably ready to move on to full-time homework.

But how do you go from an office job to a home job? What activity to exercise to be able to work from home? And what are the techniques and behaviors to adopt to work well at home? 

There are more and more ways to make money on the Internet , more or less serious. Depending on your profession or your expertise, this can be more or less easy but not impossible. 

Just consider your current situation and develop the right strategy for converting to telework or retraining for another professional activity.  

Before you take the dive, you need to know what you want to do, and most importantly, what serious homework choices are available to you. 

And you can take advantage of this forced rest to take a step back and reflect on the evolution of your professional and personal life.

This article reviews the different activities for working at home. Make your choice according to your interests, your skills and train yourself if necessary.

The easiest way, when you want to start a professional activity at home, is to register under the scheme of the self - employed or another status of self - employed. 

In order to comply with the legislation , any home-based activity can either be carried out as a self-employed entrepreneur or as much as an employee for a company that accepts remote employees. And there are more of them.  

Note here that there is a difference between self-employed and freelance. 

The first, creates his micro-enterprise and works on his own account, while the second sells specific services to companies or customers, under a service contract. 

Freelance is a self-employed person, but it is not necessarily self-employed.

The status of auto-entrepreneur is simple and not very risky to set up, but your income is capped. 

On the other hand, you can exercise several activities as a self-entrepreneur. Know the pros and cons of each status before choosing which one is best for your project. 

How to find work at home? 

More and more companies are accepting remote work from some of its employees. A special section is available on Linkedin , but also on the Pôle Emploi or Distance Work websites.

If you have the soul of an entrepreneur, you can also create your own home business with self-employed status. You can choose to make it your main or secondary activity.

We have listed several serious homework ideas below, as well as some avenues for earning additional income.

How to negotiate telework with your employer? 

Some employers are still very reluctant to let their employees work from home. 

You should discuss the subject with your supervisor, rather highlighting the benefits that this may represent for the company, and not for yourself. 

Indeed, working from home can represent savings for companies: 

you free up an office, you don't need a cafeteria or restaurant tickets, you are less tired and therefore more efficient, and no need to reimburse you for a part of your transport.

Explain to him all the benefits of home telework, but also the positive impact it can have on your work with concrete examples, such as being quieter when writing or making calls. 

If you wish to relocate, you can highlight the possibility of having a local market presence, or of finding new partners / suppliers, etc.

The reasons on your side for wanting to switch to teleworking are numerous (reduction of travel time, relocation, need for concentration, more time with family, etc.) and can also make the difference with an understandable employer. 

But try to find common ground by offering regular remote meetings with the option of coming back to the site from time to time.

Becoming an Entrepreneur: Finding a Profitable Homework Idea

Work from home: 15 genuine ideas for working from home

Do you want to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure? Great!

First, study what would be the logical possibilities in relation to your current activity. Some trades are transferable to work at home, others are not. 

Generally speaking, and while remote work is growing rapidly , almost all office jobs can be done remotely.

If you are a salesperson, you may as well use your skills for a position as a VDI (independent remote salesperson) or home tele-adviser. 

If you're a developer, copywriter or marketer, you can start your freelance business and work from anywhere. 

If you have any kind of know-how: artistic talent, mechanical or DIY genius, gardening, world champion of poker or Excel board, you can sell your creations online or develop training courses.

If you think about it, you will inevitably find a way to use your professional experience to convert it into work from home.

1. Work from home thanks to e-commerce

We will see that there are many different methods for doing paid work on the internet. 

Let's start with the most obvious method: sell products online or get into e-commerce. Have you always dream of having your own personal business? Become an e-trader! Again, it all depends on whether you launch your own product line, or if you are a reseller. 

If you have in mind the realization of a particular product, for which you want to take care of the production and the sale, know that you will not necessarily go to work a lot from home. 

Why? Because you will have to go to many meetings with manufacturers or suppliers, you will probably need a team and stocks and therefore also a place to house it all and where you will have to go every day. 

However, becoming a reseller is a great way to work from home. 

Dropshipping remains the simplest and least risky way to start an online store, but you can obviously source your own suppliers, develop your website and manage your stocks, if you have room to store them.

In both cases, we advise you to gradually start your online store, in parallel with your main activity. 

Indeed, if success can quickly be achieved, it is also possible that it will take time. Better to be careful and keep a stable source of income at first. Thanks to sites like Shopify , you can set up a dropshipping shop in minutes. 

2. Remote Customer Relationship Management

Customer service has really changed a lot. From large phoning platforms, customer service now also called CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has changed and has become cross channel. 

A good CRM is now able to respond to messages on social networks, write an effective FAQ, chat online or configure a chatbot, and respond to dozens of emails or calls received per day.

As long as you use good CRM software capable of tracking requests and you have an internet connection and a telephone line, you can work from anywhere. 

Provided that our workplace is in accordance with the time zone with the company for which you work. This is also why many remote job offers on Linkedin are for CRM positions.

And if you are specialized in a particular software (Salesforce, Zendesk, SugarCRM…), you will find a job or customers even faster!

3. Writer / translator, the ideal job to work from home

Work from home: 15 genuine ideas for working from home

More and more companies are putting their content at the center of their digital marketing strategy. But they often don't have enough internal resources to write or locate all of this content. That’s where you intervene!

Obviously, to be a writer or translator and work from home, it is better to have serious writing skills. Indeed, if it is possible to exercise these trades without a diploma, these are skills that are really acquired with experience. 

If you don't have one at all, it will take a long time before you are operational. But if you already have some achievements to your credit, then get started.

Start by creating a suitable profile on different platforms of freelance web writers and translators. 

At the beginning, do not hesitate to accept small missions, even low-paid ones, to get your hands on it and obtain opinions from satisfied customers. 

Only then can you be more demanding and build the right client to lead your career as a writer or translator at home.

To find missions more easily, it is important to quickly specialize. The world of remote writing is very competitive and it remains the best way to stand out. 

And It turns out that writing a post on cooking trends or writing a home appliance leaflet are two completely different exercises. 

4. The good job at home: community manager

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, so many social networks that have hundreds of thousands of potential customers for brands. 

But that requires a lot of time to understand, manage and a hell of expertise to be able to advertise. 

If you have experience as a community manager, you can easily convert your activity into working from home. 

This activity is done entirely online and apart from a few customer meetings that you can do via Skype or Hangouts, you don't really need physical interactions with your customers.

This remote working option is really interesting because it is a booming sector. You will be there to explain to your client companies the key concepts of digital marketing. 

On the other hand, you must have several clients to have a profitable activity, which means that you can combine missions.

The best application to win community manager missions? Your social media profiles or those of the companies you have worked for. 

There is nothing more telling, if of course, these accounts display a significant number of followers or at least a convincing progression. 

But also the influencers you know. And if you are an influencer yourself, it's even better to follow up on missions!

For beginners, you can easily train online, even if the job is not so simple and requires a lot of practice and tests before arriving at convincing results.

5. Being a developer and creating websites, a good way to work from home

Confirmed developers or beginners, you really have the dream job to work from home. 

Not only are your talents extremely sought after, but in addition, you absolutely do not need to travel to carry out projects. 

You can earn a living by making websites or applications from home. That said, it all depends of course on your experience. 

The creation of a website that can be billed from 500 to 10,000 €, the more you are experienced, the higher the price of your services and the more comfortable your income from working from home. 

It is up to you to calculate the hourly rate that corresponds to your needs.

You can work from home and develop websites even if you are a beginner. 

There are many sites like Udemy or the MOOC directory, offering online training that will help you improve. Create simple sites to train and offer your very first sites for free, to build your portfolio. You can then join freelance platforms of web developers.

6. Work from home through creative activities

If you want to make a living selling products online, you should definitely consider the lead times for each of your ideas.

The Etsy site has thousands of stores, but how many Etsy creators make a living from their creations? Very little. Just because several sellers do not improve the time / money ratio. 

If you spend 8 hours creating an object that you cannot reasonably hope to sell for more than € 100, you are wasting your time. 

On the other hand, if you are an illustrator and you sell an infinite number of illustrations that you only realize once, then you really make money. 

This is why all digital products are interesting to sell. You will also have an interest in increasing the income opportunities. 

If you absolutely want to sell physical products, focus on those that are realized quickly and that you can sell quite expensive.

By applying all of these rules for a while, you will no doubt be able to develop a creative and profitable home business.

7. Remote freelance graphic designer or artistic director

If you are a graphic designer or an illustrator, you have a unique artistic fiber that blends perfectly with digital. You have several choices:

  • Start by selling your services as a freelance on platforms such as Malt or
  • If you haven't already done so, create your website to present your portfolio and integrate an online store to sell regularly updated illustrations.
  • Create logos for logo creation sites and for which you will receive commissions each time your logo is ordered by someone.
  • Get started in print on demand: you import designs made by you on a print on demand platform, which will print them on hundreds of different supports, chosen by the client. You earn a commission for each sale and the more exclusive the design, the higher the commissions.

8. Freelance web designer or UX designer

Work from home: 15 genuine ideas for working from home

The user interface and experience (UX / UI) has become essential for having an efficient e-commerce site. 

Many pure players use the services of web designers or UX designers to improve their customer journey and generate the most additions to the basket. 

Many freelance or home job offers are available for these areas of expertise. And if you are passionate about the subject but you are not yet trained, you can find online training, such as the UX design course of Open Classrooms .

9. Photographer or video editor

Photo and video are everywhere on the internet and social networks. Video is very important for companies, but they do not necessarily have internal employees to manage the shooting or editing of these videos. 

If you like spending hours on editing software, this job is for you! Again, you need a good portfolio to show your experience in the field and win contracts. 

Have a good relationship of trust with your client so that he delegates all the videos to you to produce!

Photography is also a very good profession to practice at home. Whether for professionals or individuals, you will often have to travel to cover events or photo shoots, but the good half of your editing and retouching work will be done at home. 

And why not resell some of your photos on a Shopify e-commerce site? Or on image banks? To boost your success, you will need to have a very good presence on social networks, and in particular the master in Instagram. 

10. Be a coach or consultant at home

Many sports coaches have a successful career at home. But not only. There are now coaches for everything. 

If you have the necessary experience, you can do any kind of professional coaching, whether speaking, negotiation, management or organization. 

Many professionals also offer training to have a full income: digital marketing, dropshipping, SEO, e-commerce,… Freelancers even do freelancing training!

You can also be a home IT consultant or product / project manager. If you have a team to manage, we still advise you to make regular calls with them to ensure the performance and continuity of your project.

11. Distance learning and tutoring, popular home jobs

Official or professional teacher with knowledge to share, you are free to teach from home or give distance courses. 

Math and philosophy lessons, homework help, as well as music, language, drawing, cooking, sewing lessons are quite possible. Of course again, you have to demonstrate your ability to attract students. 

Word of mouth is usually the most effective for this, so start with your loved ones. Do not neglect your online presence with a professional website and an attractive commercial offer. 

You can teach at home with self-employed status. Calculate your social charges carefully before proposing advantageous rates. It is also possible to be a teacher at a distance, thanks to organizations like the CNED . 

12. Converting to a virtual assistant, a good job at home

Working from Home is growing more and more, the digital nomad movement is gaining momentum and jobs are becoming more and more dematerialized. 

A boom for you, if you have any administrative work experience. Home secretary, human resources manager or accountant, these professions are worth gold on the remote job market.

That said, the development of telework is quite slow in Nigeria compared to other countries. This is why instead of skimming the classic Nigeria job sites, we even prefer international platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork more. 

Many foreign leaders are looking for Nigerian virtual assistants based in Nigeria to help them manage their business locally. 

Obviously, you have to speak good English at a minimum and mastery of any other language is a big advantage. 

If you don't speak foreign languages, turn to startups, which may be more frequent than traditional remote office businesses.

13. Have a good job online thanks to your blog

If blogging is always on the rise, do not imagine that it is enough to write a few articles from time to time for a work at home which you can live on. 

A profitable blog takes a long time to set up. But nothing prevents you from starting today.

So what is the secret of a blog that makes money? First of all, its subject. The ideal way to get results in the medium term is to find a subject that you are passionate about while being a potentially commercial niche.

Suppose that you are passionate about vintage cars and that you spend your free time re-typing old models with friends. 

You are passionate enough about the subject to create content (editorial or visual, whatever) and it is this content that will serve as leverage. 

You can quickly build a community of enthusiasts. Once you reach this stage, monetization is possible. Partnering with automotive events or advertising or affiliating with auto parts websites are among the options. 

For each topic idea, assess the size of the existing community and think about the potential for monetization before you get started.

A good mastery of SEO has also become essential to have a profitable blog with a large number of unique visitors.

14. Work from home with affiliation

Work from home: 15 genuine ideas for working from home

Just like blogging, which by the way goes very well with affiliate , you will need time before you can earn a living with an affiliate business. 

If you do not know the principle, it is an economic model which consists of promoting products sold by others, in order to receive a commission on the sale price. 

The sales that you initiate are traced using an affiliate link provided by the merchant.

The main interest of the affiliation is as follows: once you have produced the content allowing you to insert an affiliate link, it should earn you money without you having to do anything. 

Since you earn commissions, the income is rather low. This is why it is only possible to live on affiliation if you multiply the sources of income. 

This means that you will need to create several affiliate channels. It can be specialized blogs, e-books, a coupon site, a funnel conversion site ... the important thing is to vary the sources and focus on marketing to get more sales, for example with 
advertising on social networks.  

15. How to babysit at home?

Childcare remains one of the great classics of working from home. However, it is also highly regulated, since the safety and well-being of children are at stake.

To keep children at home and live with them, you will need to pass a diploma course: CAP or certificate of nursery assistant for example. 

Obviously, it is better to enjoy the company of children and get along well with parents. If so, it's a great job, certainly full of challenges, but far from the stress of the office.

Additional income: some ideas for paid home jobs

Home services: Repair objects or take back clothes

Do you have a handyman soul and a talent for repairing objects? Offer your repairer services to the residents of your neighborhood. 

People never know what to do with objects that no longer work and this trend is growing . They are already struggling to bring an object under warranty for repair then out of warranty ... let's not even talk about it. 

However, with the combined effects of the ecological and financial crisis, more and more people are interested in this option. But it is still rare when the whole point of this service lies in its proximity.

You can do the same if you have sewing knowledge. Offer small touch-ups and if you are really good, tailor-made. Knowing that tailor-made in-store is really expensive, you could quickly have a very interested neighborhood client. Many designers work from home.

Pet sitting in your neighborhood

If you are an animal lover, you can combine passion and remuneration by offering your services to owners of dogs or cats who go on vacation or who do not have time to walk their pets.

In addition to making a few pennies, you will provide a solution for people who make the mistake of taking an animal without having the time to take care of it ... This will avoid abandonments and will earn you some pennies.

Panelist, the easy home job

Finally, answering paid online surveys or testing new products is a good way to make a little extra income!

How to organize when you work at home?

Just because you enjoy working from home doesn't mean you have to let go. On the contrary! Question organization, it all depends on whether it is a freelance or entrepreneur type activity.

Practical tools for freelance work at home

Whether you are a freelance writer or a virtual assistant, you work in a dematerialized environment in which a certain number of tools are necessary. 

First your office. Provide a dedicated, clear and comfortable space. Invest in a good chair and a good computer. Buy a second screen if you work with a laptop.

For each mission, create a folder in which you will store all the information relating to the project. 

Keep written records of all your exchanges (especially if your client is also a freelancer) and be sure to sign a contract or have your quote signed.

Open a Skype account, very useful for remote meetings. Whatever your rate base (hourly or flat rate), write down all of your hours. 

This will help you to claim what is owed to you as well as to assess the speed at which you are working.

If you work for or with companies, you will have to use many collaborative tools, such as Google Drive, Slack, Trello or Asana. 

Familiarize yourself with these free platforms as soon as possible and keep your different channels organized.

How to find work at home thanks to freelance platforms?

There are a lot of freelance platforms out there and there are a few things you should know to get the most out of them. 

For beginners, keep in mind that you must first build a portfolio of positive experiences. 

Complete your profile 100%, do skills tests when the site offers them, ask for recommendations from professional knowledge and apply for all the assignments that pass. 

When you have about five positive returns, you can consider being more selective, or even turning to more professional platforms.

In general, remember that most freelance platforms charge commissions on your fees. A fact to take into account when you calculate your rates.

How to structure your days when you work from home?

Again, it all depends on the nature of your activity and the volume of your client. What is certain is that you will have to keep time to manage the administrative and marketing. 

Overall, we are more efficient when we group the spots. In addition, everyone experiences a different energy peak during the day. 

Organize your homework according to your biological rhythm. Do the core of your activity when you are most fit and do the other tasks when you are a little slower.

In any case, be rigorous on your invoicing and your accounting. There is many accounting software that can help you with this tedious task.

Summary of homework ideas:

  1. Have an e-commerce site
  2. Work as CRM / customer service
  3. Write articles as web writer / translator
  4. Being a community manager
  5. Develop websites
  6. Create your own objects 
  7. Be a graphic designer or artistic director
  8. Become a web designer / UX designer
  9. Take photography or video editing
  10. Be a coach or consultant at home
  11. Offer private lessons
  12. Convert to virtual assistant
  13. Start your blog 
  14. Affiliate
  15. Babysitting 

Now that you've discovered all of these homework ideas, do you feel ready to work from home? 

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