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Thursday, April 30, 2020

50 quotes and thoughts on adversity

 50 quotes and thoughts on adversity

Adversity builds character. - Anonymous

The other is not an adversary, but a partner. - Anonymous

Adversity reveals genius, prosperity conceals it. - Horace

The impossible is the only worthy adversary of man.

Andrée Chedid

Virtue makes its way through adversity.

Euripides (The Heraclids - 5th century BC)

Great adversities seek great souls.

Adrien Destailleur (Les observations…, 1830)

Look at adversity as a disguised opportunity.

Chinese proverb

The best of all schools is that of adversity.

Stanislas de Boufflers (Thoughts and Fragments, 1816)

I need to understand the reasons of my opponent.

Romain Rolland

Adversity is a mirror that reveals our true personality.

Chinese proverb

You have to approve and praise your opponents from time to time.

Alphonse Karr (Under the lime trees, 1832)

Prosperity shows the happy, adversity reveals the big.

Pliny the Younger

True courage always finds some resource against adversity.
Fenelon (Reflections and thoughts collected, 1720)

It is only in adversity that we discover the true value of beings.

Bernard Werber

Know how to oppose your opponents their faults and turn them against them.

Émile de Girardin (Thoughts and maxims, 1867)

Know the opponent and above all know yourself and you will be invincible.

Sun Tzu

Whenever you are confronted with an adversary, conquer it with love.

Mahatma Gandhi

The man with nothing to lose is the most dangerous of all adversaries.


We experience gold in fire, we discern our friends in adversity.

ISocrates (To Demonicos - 4th century BC)

Adversity gives men back all the virtues that prosperity takes from them.

Eugène Delacroix

Who gives up in the face of adversity abandons the pursuit of serenity.

Daniel Desbiens (Maxims of Today)

Adversity gives energy to strong souls and destroys weak characters.

Pierre-Jules Stahl

When you want to throw your opponent over a precipice, you often fall into it with him.

Madeleine de Puisieux (The maxims, reflections and thoughts, 1798)

Three things give the measure of man: wealth, power, adversity.


Even if your opponent seems to be a mouse, watch him as if he were a lion.

Luigi Manfredi

Even when I was a child, I learned to defeat my opponents without humiliating them.

Nelson Mandela

I know of no greater benefit than recognizing the merit of an adversary.

Johann Goethe

It takes more strength of character to understand an opponent than to reject it.

Sébastien Provost

Man is so made that he is irritated much more by virtues than by vices of an adversary.

Goswin de Stassart (Thoughts and maxims)

To give up in the face of adversity is the greatest weakness of men without will.

Axel Oxenstiern (Reflections on adversity, 1652)

In a state of agitation, one supposes to his adversaries all the projects that one dreads.

Adolphe Thiers (The history of the French Revolution, 1841)

It is less a matter of regretting friends than adversity takes us away than of prizing those it gives us.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Letter to Madame de, March 27, 1763)

Take into account your opponents, because they are the first to realize your mistakes.


Let us love our adversaries by thinking that those who do not resemble us, complement us.


When fortune smiles on us, we have no shortage of friends, but they are rare in adversity.

Shûdraka (Children's carriage - 7th century)

There are kinds of adversities that elevate and strengthen the soul, but there are some that defeat and kill it.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau (The Daydreams of the Lonely Walker, 1777)

Any test, that of success like that of adversity, shakes a man and drops his mask.

Eugène Marbeau (Remarks and thoughts, 1901)

Even if my opponents seem to be hurting me, in the end they hurt themselves.


Do not fear opposition. Remember that the kite rises against the wind and not with it.

Hamilton malrie

Remember to keep an equal soul in adversity, and to preserve yourself, in good fortune, from insolent joy.


Adversity is a reality. It cannot be controlled. What we control is how we react to it.


A happy adversity has often brought to light a merit which would have aged without it in the obscure rest of long prosperity.

Henri François d'Aguesseau (The maxims and thoughts, 1751)

Our external adversaries personify our internal barriers facing what our heart most desires to be, live and accomplish.


Adversity only leads weak minds to despair, or superstition, but it brings a nervous mind back to philosophy.

Philippe-Auguste de Sainte-Foy (My hobbies, or various thoughts, 1755)

I admire those who can smile in the face of adversity, who can strengthen themselves in distress and who embolden themselves in the face of criticism.

Thomas paine

There is no point in complaining. The only way to overcome adversity is to face it with courage, faith and realism.


Our declared adversary should be the disturbing emotions, not our fellow human beings, who are also afflicted and overwhelmed by them.

Dalai Lama

Be courageous and decisive in life and in the struggles that appear. Do not consider the struggle as a misfortune but as a work process.

Peter deunov

Arguing does not give your opponent any advantage, and does not let those he gives you escape; the best secret to that is to keep your cool.

William Penn (The Fruits of a Father's Love, 1790)

When we are in adversity, a state of test of our good qualities, we must endeavor to keep all of our praiseworthy habits in order to have lost nothing of value when he returns happier days.

Samuel Richardson; Clarissa Harlowe, 1748)

The struggle I lead on the path to personal success is an integral part of the price I have to pay to realize my full potential. The fact that I have to struggle to achieve my ends is not a disadvantage, but rather an advantage.


Man grows in adversity, provided he accepts and understands adversity. Our 'enemies' (who are naturally no longer when we love them, understand them) are a wonderful opportunity to learn to love deeply.


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