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Monday, July 15, 2019

50 short quotes and proverbs about health and wellness

50 short quotes and proverbs about health and wellness

50 quotes and proverbs about health and wellness

Cheerfulness is half of health. Czech proverb

Sad thoughts ruin my health. René Descartes

Reduce your desires and you will increase your health. Spanish proverb

Who has health, he has everything; who has no health, he has nothing. French proverb

My mind does not go, if the legs do not move it.  Montaigne

Health, first of goods after the peace of the heart.  Henri-Frédéric Amiel (Diary, April 20, 1873)

Health is a healthy mind in a healthy body.  Homer

May your diet be your first medicine. Hippocrates

Health is the essential thing after morality. Thomas Jefferson (Letter to Pierre Carr, August 10, 1787)

To live is not to be alive, it is to be well. Martial

The health of man is a reflection of that of the Earth.  Heraclitus

Everything that makes us happy is good for you.

Catherine Rambert

By imagining that one is sick, one becomes it indeed.

François Drozaa

Cheerfulness is the most powerful factor of moral health.

Pierre Dac (The bone marrow, 1940)

Health depends more on precautions than doctors.


Nothing is enough to remove the well-being, as to disturb health.

Henri-Frédéric Amiel (Diary)

The seeds of healthy aging are sown early.

Kofi Annan

Health is the most valuable treasure and the easiest to lose.

Chauvot de Beauchêne

No matter how healthy you are, you always end up rusting.

Jacques Prévert

Without wisdom, no health; without health, no happiness.

Charles Dubois (Considerations on Five Plagues, 1857)

There is no more precious thing for man than his health?


50 short quotes and proverbs about health and wellness
Being in good health is the basic condition of tranquility.

Olivia Benhamou

Health, like fortune, withdraws its favor from those who abuse it.

Charles of Saint-Evremond (The spirit of Saint-Evremond, 1761)

Health is like freedom, it only exists when you miss it.

Georges Perros (Correspondence)

Every human being has the unconditional right to benefit from health care.

William Henry Beveridge

The first good is health, the second is beauty, the third is wealth.

Plato (Laws)

Who does not laugh harms his health. Who does not push to laugh harms the health of all.

Jah Olela Wembo

The secret to health is that the body is restless and the mind is resting.

Vincent Car

A healthy body is the good home of the soul; a sick body is the prison.

F. Bacon

Be of those who love themselves. Your body needs love and care.

Paule Salomon (Living Body, 1983)

Do you want to stay healthy, follow this diet; do not eat without having the desire.

Leonardo DeVinci

In the long run, health may seem a little bland; to feel it, one must have been sick.

Jean-François Collin d'Harleville (The optimist, I, 7, 1788)

There is no better placement for a country than putting milk in children.

Winston Churchill

To sacrifice the health of children to their education is to sacrifice them to the pride of a pedagogue.

Nicolas Massias (The relationship of nature to man, 1823)

Wealth, sleep and health are really enjoyed only after you have lost and found them.

JP Richter

Health is the state in which the necessary functions are accomplished imperceptibly or with pleasure.


The most optimistic people are twice as likely to be in good health as the more pessimistic people.

Melki Rish

Rather than wanting to heal the body, try to purify the soul: when the soul is in perfect peace, the body is also in perfect health.

Jean-François Jacob

Those who do not find a little time every day for their health will have to sacrifice a lot of time one day for their illness.

Sebastian Kneipp

If anyone wants health, first ask him if he is willing to remove the causes of his illness. Only then is it possible to help him.


The doctor of the future will not give drugs; he will train his patients to take care of their bodies, nutrition and causes and prevention of diseases.

Thomas A. Edison

Health is the normal condition of life. Perfect health is an ideal. The condition of the body is not stable: it fluctuates continuously. Health is a state of unstable equilibrium.

André Passebecq

Happy who joins the health of the body to the inner peace.


Happy heart improves health.

Living among conflict and hostility is very bad for your health.

Your body is your most faithful friend; he will be there at your last breath.

You are what you have most dear in the world, know how to take care of you.

If we do not take care of our body, where will we live?

All the treasures of the world are not worth the happiness of having health.

The health of the body contributes decisively to the strength of the spirit.

Pursuing an altruistic ideal keeps us healthy and prolongs our lives.

Health is the most beautiful and rich present that nature can give us.

Health helps us navigate the waves of life with confidence.

Feel lucky and happy to wake up every morning in good health.

A healthy and balanced life, so beneficial to our health, is not a life without pleasure or gaiety.

People who volunteer in their community are generally healthier.

50 short quotes and proverbs about health and wellness
Happiness and health consist in always having something to do, someone to love, something to hope for.

Some men lose their health to raise money. Then one day, he spends this money desperately trying to recover their health.

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