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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Personal development: What no one says about our spiritual part

We are told a lot of things when we are interested in personal development: thinking, mindset, method, optimism, improvement and so on. A lot of factors that allow a person to develop and perhaps get rid of certain pathologies (fear, anxiety ...) or improve its performance (better communicate, manage time ...)

Personal development: What no one says about our spiritual part

On the other hand, what is often forgotten and sometimes not even known in personal development is that what we eat, impact who we are physically, mentally, certainly, but also and above all spiritually.
Let's talk about personal development, let's talk about spirituality

The human body is physical, but also spiritual, in other words, there is an energetic part which completes the physical part, but which is not visible to the naked eye and which can therefore be put very little in development. of self or any other field.

This energetic and spiritual part can sometimes be connected to what are called the different bodies of the human: the physical body, the etheric body, the astral body, the mental body, the causal body and finally the atmic body.

These different bodies complement each other and allow experience (physical body), life (etheric body), emotions (astral body), reflection (mental body), distant memory (causal body) and consciousness (atmic body). ).

To make a perfect self-development, one must not of course separate one thing from the other; one must not separate the physical part from the mental part and the spiritual part.
Our spiritual part is influenced by what we eat

What interests me here in personal development is this spiritual part, which is therefore energetic and directly influenced and modified by what we eat. Yes you read it right, by our food!

The DNA that makes us what we are, re-reads our physical part to our consciousness. Our consciousness is this spiritual part that directly defines the world as we can perceive it.

This DNA is very much influenced by our thoughts, but also by our diet.

Personal development: What no one says about our spiritual part

Personal development: What no one says about our spiritual part

If our thoughts have the capacity to create our reality, since our outer world is only a reflection of our inner world, our diet has the ability to influence our consciousness, directly influencing and modifying the purity of our body's cells. .

The cells of our organism directly define our consciousness and the different other energetic bodies we can have. The cells vibrate at a certain frequency, which is also called a vibratory rate , according to what they receive as food and according to their elimination capacities.

Our cells are directly connected to our higher consciousness

The more pure a cell is, the more it vibrates high and the more it captures quality information. Information from our soul that can not be communicated and processed by our mind, but directly by our consciousness outside the brain.

And like a car stereo, the frequency on which these cells are connected and connected is directly defined by their qualities.

The cells are not clean? They are overloaded with waste? They have to deal with a lot of modified products not found in the natural state? They are constantly being solicited by food? They do not get the necessary nutrients? Very well, they will only be connected to the length of frequency that they can reach, a length of low frequency.

The more this frequency, the lower the vibratory rate of the cells, the lower we are in energies: fear, anger, sadness, anxiety, depression, black thoughts ...

Personal development: What no one says about our spiritual part

Conversely, they are clean if not pure? They are not overloaded with waste? They have time to treat everything and are not constantly asked for food they receive? They receive nutrients in sufficient quantity, but especially of quality ? Very well, they will vibrate a high frequency, a frequency vibrating joy, happiness, love, self-confidence and above all, they will be connected to the soul embodied in the body.

Connect to one's soul for optimal personal development

The soul has a vision of things much wider than only our little eyes barely allowing us to see 180 ° in front of us. When the body is connected to it thanks to the purity of its cells, it is directly the messages of the soul that we receive.

And when this soul speaks to us, self-development takes on a whole new dimension! If thanks to the tools we already have, we are able to make personal development what it is, but if in addition we are connected to our soul directly receiving the messages of our higher consciousness through the quality of our cells, do not believe you not a person looking for his way, bad in his skin, frustrated, angry, anxious, will have more ease to develop?

The answer is obvious, is not it? However, what is sometimes less, it is this understanding connecting our cells to frequencies allowing a person to be bloomed or conversely, completely badly in his skin.

Inevitably, when cells do what they should never do: treat products they are never supposed to receive (GMOs, food additives, pesticides, stressed meat and antibiotics, overeating, modern wheat, excess gluten, water tap containing fluorine, chlorine and other chemicals, mineral deficiency, alteration and radiation of food molecules by microwaves, etc.), it is normal that a development of oneself is very slow and that many people have difficulty to develop.

There are plenty of examples like this:

In England, the experience was incredible!

In one prison, some of the prisoners (about 200) received only organic food, in other words, the most qualitative foods.

After a while, the crime rate has dropped by 40%!

Magic or logical?

Logic, the body receiving quality food, it works much better and especially normally. And here we are only on biological, imagine if all their diet was improved? Because bio is not everything.

If tomorrow we mix with the essence of our vehicle, a whole lot of products as we can find it in our modern and western food. Would it be surprising if the car does not work normally? No.

Why would it be surprising then that we operate upside down?

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