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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Motivation is The Key to Success - Learn and perfect these key

How to Learn and Perfect The Key to Success

To be successful, it is necessary to learn new things and develop our skills. However, it is much more fun to do a group activity because it increases our chances of not giving up on the road.

That said, some hobbies are more intellectually stimulating than others and provide valuable skills. We have therefore prepared a review of three activities that you can do with your friends to increase your cognitive abilities.

1. Play blackjack

Motivation is The Key to Success - Learn and perfect these key

Popular in casinos around the world, this game has been known for hundreds of years. It's a question of finishing with a score higher than the one of the dealer without however exceeding 21. Although the concept of the game is quite simple, certain technical aspects must be mastered before playing blackjack. It is therefore best to practice by visiting online casinos before meeting with friends. It is sometimes even possible to find casino offers in Canada with cashable no deposit bonuses , which means that the platform offers free spins to new customers before they make money.

It is therefore advisable to consult some specialized websites comparing different casinos to find the best offers, because some competitors are more generous than others. Once you understand the rules of blackjack and start developing your own strategy, you can organize parties with your friends to polish your art. As this game encourages quick calculation and quick decision-making, it should help you get more alert.

2. Practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Motivation is The Key to Success - Learn and perfect these key

Far from boxing and other combat sports that involve many kicks to the head, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art that requires thinking and patience. In addition to representing a very good physical training, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu can work on his ego since a person will have to fail many times before getting to win a first fight. A little like the Kaizen method, this sport can improve very slowly, but continuously .

To practice this martial art effectively, one must be able to anticipate the movements of his opponent. It is best to start this long adventure with a group of friends, because you will be able to talk about your experience with other people who started at the same time as you. Thanks to the economy of scale, you could even hire a private trainer, which would allow you to progress more quickly.


3. Make improvisation

Contrary to popular belief, improvisation is no longer the preserve of people from the artistic world. In fact, this is an excellent activity to practice your speaking skills , which can be a good thing if you are called to chat with people you have never seen before. While it can be embarrassing to do this activity with strangers, improvising with people in your circle of friends can be fun.

By appealing to his creativity, an improviser becomes accustomed to responding to new situations appropriately while becoming more comfortable when speaking. Finally, this could give you the tools to animate conferences with confidence.

In sum, there are several ways to sharpen your cognitive skills. It does not matter if you prefer play, sport or discussion, the important thing is to choose an activity that will suit all members of your group.

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