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Sunday, July 7, 2019

How To Use The Law Of Cause And Effect To Your Advantage

The law of cause and effect

Ignoring such laws does not free you from being permanently under their effects. It is therefore worthwhile to make an effort to know them as much as possible. The law of cause and effect is one of these universal laws   ; perhaps the most basic of all. That's why I want to talk to you about it today.
In this article you will understand its importance and, perhaps, you will begin to see and experience life from another perspective.

The law of cause and effect has always been understood and applied by all great masters and currents of thought.

Several centuries ago, Newton founded the laws of classical physics. Among them, the law of action-reaction: "   Each action receives an opposite reaction of equal magnitude.

Logically, if you hit the wall, the wall will hit with your fist with the same intensity   ; and you will probably hurt yourself. This is an example of the law of cause and effect applied to the three-dimensional physical world. But this is only the beginning.

Some religious-spiritual currents, such as Buddhism, use the concept of karma. The law of karma states that people's actions will sooner or later have repercussions on their own lives. If our actions are good, we will receive positive consequences   ; but if they are bad, we will end up receiving what we deserve.

The law of karma is only a more spiritual and philosophical interpretation of the law of cause and effect. Moreover, this law goes beyond physical life. Buddhism, for example, says that lessons not learned in this life should be re-experienced and overcome in the next.

In fact, there are several alternative disciplines (or esoteric, new age ...) aligned with this law and the idea of ​​karma. We have regressive therapy, for example, which studies and treats certain problems of our present that have their origin in a previous life. Or think of family constellations, a technique that shows how trauma or family conflict that occurs in one generation affects subsequent generations.

You may or may not believe in these therapeutic currents because they assume spiritual principles such as life after death and reincarnation. In any case, these are disciplines that make a metaphysical and spiritual reading of the same universal law: that of cause and effect.

The law of cause and effect on the emotional, sentimental and interpersonal level

The law of cause and effect is a universal law and, as such, it is omnipresent. That is, she is everywhere and manifests herself on multiple levels of reality, including the emotional, sentimental, and interpersonal levels.

In this way, anger, resentment, hatred, joy, cordiality or love are also affected.

Do you hear phrases like ...   ? "There is no better way to receive love than by giving it before" or   " Violence begets violence   ".

Indeed, if you want to start a discussion, just start shouting after someone to get the same thing. And if you want to start a fight, or a war, all you have to do is hit, or throw a bomb.

Again, this is the law of cause and effect   ; this time, it applies to human and interpersonal relationships.

Jesus Christ, through the Bible, has invented phrases and teachings such as: "   Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you. Why   ? Because you will end up receiving the same thing.

Like Newton or Buddha, Jesus Christ knew and applied the universal law of cause and effect.

You request

What can it do to me?

How to improve your life by knowing and applying the law of cause and effect?

The law of cause and effect

If I hit you, it's because by knowing and applying this law intelligently, you can make the most of your everyday life and improve your life.


Very easy. It suffices to assimilate the above and to draw some practical conclusions.

For example,

Suppose you can not get rid of the law of cause and effect.

As I have already said, the law of cause and effect is omnipresent. It is everywhere and therefore you can not get rid of it.

Everything you do or have done in the past is, has been or will be in your life. Obvious, you do not find   ?

If you have consumed too much alcohol or tobacco in your life, your liver will probably be affected and your lungs will be worse ventilated when they are full of tar.

If you are a social person who has a very good relationship with your environment, it is very possible that when you have a problem, you know who to turn to for help and favor.

If you have a way of life in which you have stolen, assaulted, extorted, defrauded, defrauded, deceived, killed ... and you live in environments related to all this, you will probably continue to experience aggression, deception, violence and death in your present and your future. Even if you leave this lifestyle at some point.

If you have spent years studying and practicing languages, when you travel abroad, you will be able to communicate in English, French, German or one of the languages ​​you speak.

If you have dedicated your life to helping others, to giving good advice, to establishing cordial relations and to being fair and honest with the people around you, then you are more likely to receive gratitude, affection, love. And you are also more likely to build healthy, true relationships with like-minded people, both in your present and in your future.

. keep this law in mind and be consistent with it, you will live life to the best of your abilities.

In life, as in any game, knowing the rules gives you an advantage.

If you know the law of cause and effect and practice it, you will be much more effective at getting the results you want in your daily life.

If you consider that you get what you give, that we always end up getting the consequences of our own actions, and that we usually get what we really deserve, the next logical step is to ask yourself this simple question:

    What do I really want in my life ?

And then choose. It does not matter. All that you want. But be consistent with this law. So….

If you want to become a surgeon or an engineer, it is unlikely that you will be able to do it if you are not ready to put your elbows in it regularly.

If you want to start a business, you will have to take risks and be ready to work hard.

If you want to be treated with affection and respect, do not underestimate or mistreat, do not shout or attack people. You will do better if you are kind, patient, tender and accommodating with them.

If you want to have a healthy and strong body that meets the demands of life, eating junk food, exceeding tobacco or alcohol consumption and having a sedentary lifestyle is not the best way.

The law of cause and effect

It's obvious, is not it?   ? Well, whatever you do, think about it twice, because many people I know do not seem to understand it.

What benefits will you get?

When you understand the importance of the law of karma, assume that you can not get rid of it and act accordingly to get what you want, you will get multiple benefits, which ?

1. You will live with a head start and in accordance with your own goals.

When you have in mind the law of cause and effect, you will live a step ahead of time   ; because you will get used to thinking in advance about the effects of each cause and, therefore, you will adjust your actions to get what you want.

It involves an act of reflection and planning of your life that not everyone is able to achieve.

Therefore, you will live in harmony with your own goals.

2. you will be an active protagonist of your life, rather than a passive observer.

When you fully integrate the law of cause and effect into your life, you will know that it does not depend on chance or luck, but on yourself.

Many people expect things to go well on their own. They expect improvements and spontaneous changes. And when that does not happen, they end up blaming their failure on the universe, on God or on factors external to themselves.

The law of cause and effect makes you aware that your life depends on you. And yes, there are things that depend on external factors, but do not underestimate your power, as most people in this world do. Many more things depend on you than you think   ; your thoughts, your attitude and your actions.

Keep this in mind and become an active protagonist of your life instead of being a passive observer, because your life is your responsibility, and that of no one else. will know how to reverse what does not suit you.

As I said before, by the law of cause and effect, love breeds love, violence breeds violence   ; and every cause, logically, has its effect.

When you learn to see life from these parameters, you will know how to analyze any situation and reverse it when you predict that things are not going to produce the desired effects, examples?

If you know that your partner reacts angrily to a reproach or criticism, you will learn to treat him gently and confidently when the situation requires it.

The law of cause and effect

If you are seen or shown that hard work is the key to the success of a goal or project, you will know that this is the way to go when you start your studies or start your career. own company.

If you find that the lack of communication ends up damaging relationships, you will know exactly when you should meet your partner or co-workers to talk openly about what is not working.

If you know that violence breeds violence, you can begin to deal with conflict differently, do you remember what the spiritual leader said he would hold the other cheek face a slap?   ? It is to master the law of cause and effect by breaking the vicious circle of violence. I'm not telling you to do the same, but you could start focusing on dialogue, humor and empathy rather than shouting, threats or aggression.

4. You will realize that every day is an opportunity to start from scratch.

 Law of cause and effect. Dawn to start a new day.

I said earlier that everyone ends up suffering the consequences of their own actions. I have also pointed out that the acts of your past condition your present and your future. And so it is.

This can plunge you into pessimism. And that can discourage you or make you give up if your life has been a disaster and an accumulation of misfortunes until now.

Nothing could be further from the truth because all realities and affirmations always have a double reading. And because every inconvenience is always associated with an opportunity.

And the law of cause and effect is a constant opportunity.

You may have acted badly. You may have done nothing but calamities all your life. And your future could be black because of all that. So what   ?

You only have one moment, you live only one reality: that of the present.

And as you read these lines, you have an opportunity to change your life. Because every effect has a cause, including the fact that you read these words.

This precise moment is therefore an opportunity. The opportunity to think, the opportunity to start doing something different and the opportunity to act on your behalf right now.

Take advantage of it. The law of cause and effect is a blessing that allows you to do something exceptional every day. It is a miracle that, by each of your actions, you can do something that improves your life. It is the constant possibility of sowing something good today that you can harvest tomorrow.

(The law of cause and effect allows you to do something every day that improves your life.)

It can also be the opposite. But it's up to you. And you know very well what's best for you, especially if you've been doing things 'badly' for a long time.

So, what are you waiting for   ? Use this law, whether you like it or not, it acts at all times. Use it for your own benefit, use it to improve your life. And use it to improve the world and make others happy.

This is the best moment.

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