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Sunday, July 14, 2019

150 street Quotes about Happiness, Hustle and Motivation

150 Street Quotes about Happiness, Hustle and Motivation

Hello everyone, here is a nice compilation of motivation and happiness quotes . And since you are on Pediawap, happiness and motivation will be out!

Motivation goes with happiness, because happiness is built, and to do well, you have to find a source of energy because the pursuit of happiness requires courage and patience. So we used to use the quotes to accompany us in our different quests, they became real mantras .

From coaches to authors to businessmen, the use of quotes has become an obligation for everyone. A few words or a few sentences but so much sense and power. First the words and then the psychology behind the quotes ... In short, I am in love with words, as much as I am served with all the range of quotes that can be found on the web.

I hope that for once, you will appreciate my selection, do not hesitate to leave a small comment and share your opinions with us.

Quotes of Happiness:

150 street Quotes about Happiness, Hustle and Motivation

Do not wait to be perfect to start something good ~ Abbé Pierre

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never come. There is only the miracle of the present moment, savor it. It's a gift! ~ Marie Stilkind

It is your attitude, more than your ability, that determines your altitude. ~ Zig Ziglar

Happiness comes to those who believe in it. ~ Ali Ibn Abu Talb

When you get up in the morning, remember how precious it is to live, to breathe, to be happy. ~ Marc Aurèle

I only want to collect moments of happiness. ~ Stendhal

The joy of living is a contagious emotion. ~ D. Wynot

The greatest secret of happiness is to be good with oneself. ~ B. Fontenelle

Joy is like a river: nothing stops its course. ~ Henry Miller

The joy is in all that surrounds us, it is enough to know how to extract it. ~ Confucius

Do not tire of shouting your joy and you will not hear other cries. ~ Tuareg proverb

To live a happy life, attach it to a goal and not to people or things. ~ Einstein

To conquer one's joy is better than to abandon oneself to sadness. ~ Andre Gide

Learn to write your wounds in the sand and engrave your joys in the stone. ~

Trust is the shortest way to happiness. ~ Aline de Pétigny

Optimism is seeing life through a ray of sunshine. ~ Carmen Silva

You will never be happy if you are constantly looking for happiness.

You do not exist to impress the world. You exist to live your life in a way that will make you happy. ~ Richard Bach

On the waves, on the highways, we pursue happiness. But here it is, happiness. ~ Horace

The joy of living is not a goal, it is a duty. ~ Louis Pauwels

A good heart is a fountain of joy. It unties a smile on the lips of all those around it. ~

If you are not happy alone you will never be happy to two. Happiness comes from within, not from others. ~

The happy always heal. ~ Rabelais

We can not live everything, so the important thing is to live the essential and each of us has its essential. ~ Marc Levy

It's never too late to set a new goal, never too late to dream new dreams. ~

The joy of others is a big part of ours. ~ Ernest Renan

The hope of a joy is almost equal to the joy. ~ William Shakespeare

My joy is image of spring, so warm that flowers bloom in my hands. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

I choose to take my well-being urgently instead of taking my trouble. ~

When one throws small rays of happiness into the lives of others, the brilliance always ends up being reflected on oneself. ~ Louis Fortin

There are two ways of living, one acting as if nothing was a miracle, the other acting as if everything was a miracle! ~

If I am not me, who will be? ~ Henry David Thoreau

Who knows her pain decimates her. But who knows his joy tenfold. Jean Prior

Small pleasures with great aspirations, what makes deep is the art of cherishing and remembering what is beautiful and good in one's life. ~ Anne van Stappen

All beauty is joy that remains. ~ John Keats

Happiness is the only thing that doubles if we share it. ~

The secret of happiness and the height of art is to live like everyone else by being like no one else. : ~ Simone Beauvoir

Happiness is not to have what you want but to appreciate what you have. ~

The secret of happiness is to look at each situation as it is rather than look at it for what it should be. ~

Love is the only condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to yours. ~

To be happy is not to have everything, it does not need anything else ... ~ Zen Master

Everyone wants to be happy and no one wants to suffer, but no one can contemplate rainbows without seeing the rain. ~

To be happy is to decide to see the magic in your life and create more. ~ David Laroche

We must build happiness moment after moment, like the bird that makes its nest? ~

I decided to be happy because it's good for you. ~ Voltaire

If you want to be happy for an hour, drink a drink, if you want to be happy one day, get married; if you want to be happy all your life, be a gardener. ~ Chinese proverb.

Do not be afraid of happiness, it's only a good time to pass. ~

Always believe in the sun, because it will always come back. ~

You know that you are on the right path when you do not want to go back. ~

When there are no enemies inside, the enemies outside can not reach you. ~ African proverb.

Motivation Quotes

150 street Quotes about Happiness, Hustle and Motivation

If your mind is motivated, your body will follow. ~

When everything seems to be against you, remember that the plane takes off in the wind, not with him. ~ Henri Ford

Motivation is your starting point. Habit keeps you going. ~ Jim Ryun

If you can not fly, run. If you can not run, walk. If you can not walk, crawl, but most importantly, never stop moving forward . ~

There is no easy success, no definitive failure . ~ Marcel Proust

100% of the things we do not try fail. ~ Wayne Gretzky

Life is a challenge, a happiness to be deserved, an adventure to try ~ Mother Teresa

We are our choices. ~ Jean-Paul Sartre

One year = 365 opportunities ~

It does not matter if the beginning seems small. ~ Henri David Thoreau

Life is 10% what you do and 90% how you do it. ~ Irving berlin

Lariviere pierces the rock not by force, but by perseverance. ~

We must try to do a little more than we think we can do.

We have the choice to feed the positive in us or the negative, the stronger it is the one we feed the most. Melki Rish

Because you are alive. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Dream as if you had nothing to lose, believe as if everything were possible, Love as if your heart knew no limits, live as if it were only today. ~

To succeed is to live without regret. ~ Brice Horn

Every step must be a goal. ~ Jacques Chirac

In life, you have two choices in the morning: either you go back to keep dreaming, or you get up to realize your dreams. ~

To do evil for small things is to reach the big ones over time. ~ William Faulkner

When it rains, look for the rainbow, when it's dark, look for the star. ~

If there is no solution it is that there is no problem. Bob Marley

Everything you want, everything you dream of, everything you hope to achieve is within your reach, if you really believe it. ~ Dr. Seuss

Luck is only good for well-prepared spirits. ~ Louis Pasteur

The difficulties are not intended to hurt but to instruct. ~ Brian Tracy

The great purpose of life is not knowledge but action. ~

Choose a job you love and you will not have to work a single day of your life. ~ Confucius

Do not forget where you come from and the path you have traveled. ~ The Creepy Swan

There are no limits. There are only levels, and you must not stop there, you have to go beyond. If it must kill you, let it kill you. A man must always go beyond his level. ~ Bruce Lee

To hell with circumstances: I create opportunities. ~ Bruce Lee

Make sure you get what you love, otherwise you will be forced to love what you get. ~ George Bernard Shaw

All that can be done one day, can be today. ~

Fortune favors the brave. ~ Virgil

For years, I waited for my life to change. But now I know it was she who was waiting for me to change. ~ Fabio Volo

Perseverance is a talisman for life. ~ African proverb

Endurance is one of the most difficult things. But those who endure end up winning. ~ Buddha

If you start with nothing and end up with nothing, you have nothing to lose. ~ Michael Dunlop

Our life is worth what it cost us. François Mauriac

Only those who take the risk of going too far will find out how far we can go. ~ TS Elliot

Do not give up, endure now and live the rest of your life as a champion. ~ Muhammed Ali

Success may be difficult, but giving up is even more difficult. ~ Lance Armstrong

To have faith is to go up the first step even when you do not see the whole staircase. ~ Martin Luther King

First they will laugh at you. Then they will ignore you. Then they will fight you. Then you will win. ~ Gandhi

Do not give up because of what someone told you. Use his words as a source of motivation to work even harder. ~

You do not need a new year to make a change, you only need a Monday! ~

The grass is not greener elsewhere. It is greener where it is watered. ~ R. Pulghum

It's not the will to win that makes you victorious, it's the refusal to lose. ~

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