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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

20 Tattoo quotes about strength and struggle

In this piece we will be sharing with you some lovely Tattoo quotes about Strength and struggle. Enjoy.

20 Tattoo quotes about strength and struggle

1.) The reason why our bodies were made as blank pages is to be filled with the ink of our hearts. So write on them – Michael Biondi
2.) I have a journal. My body is my journal, and my tattoos are written on my journal, my tattoos are my story.― Johnny Depp
3.) For me, Tattoos are like a timeline of my life. Whenever I take a look at a particular tattoo, it makes me remembers a certain time in my life and the main reason why I have that particular tattoo. – Tyga
4.) Tattoos are eternal dedication of passion. ― Tawny Lara
5.) If you love those who are having tattoos on them, then you need to have some tattoos too. – Lil Peep
6.) Tattoos are usually the stories that are in your mind, which are written on your skin. – Charles De Lint
7.) my story is etched in shading and lines and I’m a picture of my every experiences, and you will be able to read those experiences on my legs, my arms, my stomach and on my shoulders,. ― Kat Von D
8.) I want my tattoos to be a tale of how my life is. – Anne-Marie
9.) All my tattoos came at excellent times. – Angelina Jolie
10.) Show me a man that has a tattoo and I’ll show you a man that has experienced an interesting past.― Jack London
Tattoo quotes about strength and struggle
11.) Tattoos are just like stories – they mean something and they also symbolizes vital moments in our life. – Pamela Anderson
12.) I’m from a suburban, lovely, middle-class family, but all my tattoos make me remember where I’ve been. – Tom Hardy
13.) all my tattoos says something, they tell the world that we’ve still got something to say. – Liz Jones.  
14.) Tattoos have a magic and power on their own. They beautify the body but they also develop the soul. – Michelle  Delio
15.) The reason why our bodies were made as blank pages is to be filled with the ink of our hearts. So write on them. ― Michael Biondi
16.) The truth is, some of my tattoos are a bit stupid, but what I know is, I know where and what time I got all my tattoos. – Ed Sheeran
17.) I think tattoos are a way of expressing yourself without making use of words. Without having to clarify yourself, people can take a look at all your tattoos and know who you are. – Jodi Morgan
18.) Having a tattoo is a great way of reclaiming your body, to facilitate and help tell yourself that you’re in charge of your life. – Ashley Love
19.) Left for me, I think tattoos are an art of installation that I get to wear at all times. It’s all about expressing yourself. – Malia Jones
20.) My tattoos are now part of me. When I take a look at the mirror, I just see my face. – Lil Peep
Tattoo quotes about strength and struggle

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