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Monday, June 24, 2019

20 Great Peter Jackson Quotes For Creative Success

A well known screenwriter and director from New Zealand, has a very inspiring career and we will be inspiring you with some of his quotes today. Peter Jackson is well known for his movie Lord of the Rings, which won /more than 16 Academy Award, the movie also received about 30 nominations. It later became the largest blockbuster trilogy in the history of cinema, earning a total sum of about $2,9 billion worldwide.  This selection of Peter Jackson quotes will show you why the director made it so big and this quotes will also motivate you to follow your dreams.

Peter Jackson quotes

20 Great Peter Jackson Quotes To Chase your dreams
  1. To me (Peter Jackson), dream should be as real as possible. I don’t agree with the belief that because it’s a dream, it should be unrealistic, because I actually think that you have to have a sense of believing that you can make it come through in the world that you’re going into. – Peter Jackson
  2. Success is all about determination. You never, ever going to give up once you begin something you really want, once you’re on the track of something you want don’t stop on the way and that’s what you have to face when you’re producing a movie too. Once the train start’s rolling, you have to keep going with it. – Peter Jackson
  3. For me, Filmmaking is always aiming for some fantasy movie and never achieving it.  – Peter Jackson
  4. One of the things a film maker really want, is nothing more than to have people saying that they love your movie – Peter Jackson Quotes
  5. Actors can never ever be replaced. Because you can’t imagine that people will prefer a computer version of a character, is an absurd idea. – Peter Jackson
  6. Sound was actually a new technology Once upon a time. – Peter Jackson Quotes
  7. Every film is a challenge on its own. I always say that film making is like a school – you’re always learning something new as you move forward. But unlike most schools, you will never be done with it. You will never learn everything; you will keep learning and learning. – Peter Jackson
  8. When I look back to the last ten years everything I’ve done has being sort of a progressing growing continual school. What I mean is, I never think that I’ve gotten to a point where I’m comfortable and I’ve achieved everything that I want , a particular milestone at a time, but there’s still a lot of things to learn and hopefully a lot of films to make. – Peter Jackson
  9. When the curtains are drawn, In every house, there’s a story on going, and you never get to hear it. You will always get the public side of things, smiling, being happy and the social activities. – Peter Jackson
  10. Every film need’s to have a structure, and you can also find structure in the less important places! It’s somewhat possible to erect a structured story and keep hold of peculiarity. – Peter Jackson
  11. In other to get an Oscar it would be an incredible moment in your career, there is no hesitation about that. But the film that made me popular, which is the ‘Lord of the Rings’ films are not actually made for Oscars, they are made for audience and not for Oscars. – Peter Jackson Quotes
  12. I don’t like are pretentious movies and pompous movies. – Peter Jackson
  13. I was once bullied and regarded as someone who is little but I still chased my dreams. – Peter Jackson
  14. In this society the media is now complex. It just comes at us from every angle. – Peter Jackson
  15. There is always this moment in everybody’s life where one thing leads to the other. Some are big and noticeable and some are seemingly unimportant and small. – Peter Jackson
  16. Defeat is always short. – Peter Jackson  Quotes
  17. In life, I just got to that point where I just don’t want anyone else to do it for me. – Peter Jackson
  18. The most sincere form of making a film is to make one for you. – Peter Jackson
  19. Remember, pain is for a short time; the film is forever. – Peter Jackson
  20.  Whatever you put your mind to, it is possible. – Peter Jackson

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