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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

10 Happy Quotes About Summertime

10 Happy Quotes About Summertime

Okay its summertime again, so you all should bring out your shades, brings out the beach balls and your family for fun, because the first wind of summer has blown officially. Today marks the beginning of the most peaceful season, summertime are usually filled with positive vibes. As you step out, warm your mind with these 10 happy quotes about summertime.

1. I like heater weather and long days. I like summer. I’m one of those ridiculous people who still love lying in the sun—my children are shocked! —Danielle Steel

2. I like being on the beach every summer time. That was the best part of my childhood because we were just right by the sea. I’d spend some times in the water and we’d take a picnic, until I turned blue. No one will be able to get me out of there. —Olga Kurylenko

3. Summer has always been my much loved season. I feel very happy every summer. —Zooey Deschanel

4. One must continue to uphold a little bit of summertime, no matter what, even in the center of winter.” —Henry David Thoreau

5. When I discovered how to work my grill, it was somewhat a moment. I realized that summer is a totally different moment when you really know how to grill. —Taylor Swift

6. Shakespeare said shall I evaluate thee to a summer’s day? —William Shakespeare

7. To me, summer afternoon has always been the most awesome words in English language. —Henry James

8. I began working out with my father when I was like 13 that were in summer period, which was really lovely for our relationship. Those were my summers: my summers was working out with my dad, and also hanging out with my brothers, and also riding bike with them, those were Pretty simple. —Michael Strahan

9. Profound summer is when laziness locates respectability. —Sam Keen

10. Just like a welcome summer rain, humor may cool and cleanse the earth, the air and you. —Langston Hughes

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