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15 Fantastic Christopher Columbus Quotes

15 Fantastic Christopher Columbus Quotes

15 Fantastic Christopher Columbus Quotes

15 Fantastic Christopher Columbus Quotes

In this article we will be discussing about the great navigator and Italian explorer. Right from his young age, he started traveling on sea which assisted him to become mainly self-educated in astronomy, geography, and history.

In the year 1492, he set out to look for a new route to get to India, but instead of getting to india, he landed in the America. He would make a sum of four voyages to America and discover places such as Trinidad, Cuba and Haiti. Columbus’s heritage rests on the fact that his journey opening up the Western part to European colonization.

Below You will get 15 of Christopher Columbus’s most powerful quotes:

1. Christopher Columbus - Making Use of the light of sun, we left the aged World.

2. Christopher Columbus - By overcoming distractions and obstacles, we can get to our chosen destination or goal.

3. Christopher Columbus - Before we leave tomorrow morning , I aim to land and see what can be gotten in the area.

4. Christopher Columbus - Riches don’t make a man very rich; instead they make him very busier.”

5. Christopher Columbus - Gold is a fortune and he whoever has gold can do whatever he wants’ with it.

6. Christopher Columbus - It is not possible to pass the ocean unless you are very courageous to lose sight of the shore.

7. Christopher Columbus - You cannot find out new lands unless you accept to lose sight of the shore.

8. Christopher Columbus - The deep sea will offer hope to every man, and sleeping will bring dreams of home.

9. Christopher Columbus - In life there are more imaginations than we see in our dreams.

10. Christopher Columbus - if you want to take on any task, do not be afraid to do so.

11. Christopher Columbus - when it comes to discovering, It is very easy to find out what another has discovered before.

12. Christopher Columbus - With common consent, nothing that results in progress is achieved. Those that are educated before the others are doomed to chase that goal in spite of the others.

13. Christopher Columbus - About gold - Gold is a fortune, and he who has it can do anything he so desire to do in this world, and succeeds in assisting souls into glory.

14. Christopher Columbus - Goals are just equipments to center your strength in optimistic directions, these can be changed as your and change the new one added, and others will dropped.

15. Christopher Columbus - Thus the everlasting God, our Lord, grants triumph to those who go after His way.

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