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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

How to Start A Profitable Professional Car Wash Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Profitable Professional Car Wash Business In Nigeria-2018

Without much talks, these are the basic things you need to know to run a professional car wash business in Nigeria. There are things people can’t do for themselves at least some of the time. As long as you have the capabilities of doing certain things others find out to do for themselves, then be sure of making some extra cash. It not called slav
ery, it called Rendering services.

One way to earn some extra cash is by setting up a profitable professional car wash business right here in Nigeria.

Note: Businesses are not just about how many you can find around you, businesses are about UNIQUENESS. What I mean is, it does not really matter how car wash stations you can find around you, what matters is how you offer your own service.

You may think that the business is not lucrative or perhaps, it for the illiterates, well this kind of thoughts are actually very WRONG. The truth is that car wash business is very profitable and it can become a mega service-oriented business.

Although, there is an increasing rate of car owners in Nigeria. There is also an increasing rate of workers who have short time. You can always bring in your know-how in providing the needed service for a successful business.

To start a profitable car wash business in Nigeria, you will be aiming to be the best car wash.
In a quest to achieve this, you need to start from somewhere first the grow from there. Also bear it in mind that you need to do a lot of things to get to the top. You need a business plan for car wash in Nigeria, you need to know car wash equipment prices in Nigeria, you also need to understand car wash designs and also conduct a feasibility study on car wash business around you.

You need to also bear in mind that to start a profitable car wash business in Nigeria is not as hard as it sounds or looks, it is not also easy though, but with due assiduousness, you can get to the top in no time.

This article will simplify matters for you and it will also give you the required tools and also focus on guiding you on how to run a successful car wash business in Nigeria.

2018 Basic Guide To Start A Profitable Professional Car Wash Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Profitable Professional Car Wash Business In Nigeria

1. Learn the skills and research the business

Well, you have heard the word that says “what is worth doing is what doing perfectly well”. There are no shortcuts to the top. If you want to be the best in your town when it comes to car wash business, then I suggest you take your time to research the various required skills involved in car washing. It is essential that you do that.

Well this is the reason why you find some car wash jam packed and customers are willing to wait for as long as possible, meanwhile there is another car wash by the road side without any customer.

It doesn’t even stop at learning the skill alone, it also go further to knowing when and how apply these skills in terms of packaging and organization. You need to take some time to learn the car wash business, study it first before you begin.

2. Write a car wash business plan

In other to start a profitable professional car wash business you need a good business plan. You have heard the saying that says, He that fails to plan has already plan to fail. Be wise, proper planning is required. When you are through with the research, you have to put up a business plan that will consider certain necessary things.

Your business plan will handle your exit strategy, your cash flow, your staffs, your preferred location and other things in the business.

3. Find a good location

The location of your business contributes a huge part. From your business plan, you will take care of the location.
Your location is very essential. The kind of customers you will get depends on you location. You will need to get a location in an area that is well populated and developed.

You need get your location in a place that can easily be accessible. Also consider some primary infrastructures like, Road and Water. Make sure that the road won’t dirty the car after washing.
All I’m just saying is that, a good location with a good business plan and skill will catapult you to the top.

4. Proximity to water sources is very important

Water!!!. The main requirement to start a profitable professional car wash business, this is one commodity that is vital for your business to survive and flourish. You must consider this also. Just as it is impossible for the body to function properly without blood, that’s how it is impossible for a car wash to function without water. Water is key.

5. Buy equipment and materials

Car wash business can require some huge funds and at the same time, it can cost very little. It depends on you. The issue here is, how profitable you want your business to be.

You will need to get good and quality equipment and materials if you want to be the best mega car wash around. If you must be the best then you must be willing to spend some huge funds and also invest heavily in certain materials.

Although starting small is not a bad idea but it will take a lot of work, more energy and more time to reach the peak.

Here are some of the most important instruments you will need to start a profitable professional car wash business in Nigeria:

• Towels
• Conveyor
• Pressure car washer
• Brushes
• Wax
• Chemicals
• Mobile wash systems
• Compressors

6. Add services and car accessories for sale

For you to stand out in this business, you need to add some entertaining services that won’t make your customers bored.

There are many services you can engage in at your car wash business venue. You can even have a mini bar by the side to enable people to get some cold chilled drink while waiting for their cars to be washed, a viewing center that shows football and wrestling is not a bad idea too.

You can also sell products that are essential to cars. E.g floor mats, brushes, air fresheners, hydraulic, car oil etc.

7. Advertise/Market your business

Setting up a business is not just all that is required to have a successful business. Advertisement is one major vital tool you need. Try as much as possible to advertise and offer amazing promos.

This is the aspect that I always call attention to when starting a new business. The things is that, it doesn’t matter how amazing you are, if no one knows how good you are, then you won’t really get the result you need to get. It will be a total waste of energy and time.

Okay, let’s say your car wash business is up and running, the next step is to keep talking to the world about your business even before you launch it.

Give amazing discounts and offers to the first 10 customers. You can also consider social media advertising. Although, it should be both online and offline advertisement.

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