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Vital TIps - How To Apply For South Korea Student Visa From Nigeria

Vital TIps - How To Apply For South Korea Student Visa From Nigeria

How To Apply For South Korea Student Visa From Nigeria

If you want to study in South Korea, you will need you will need a South Korea Student Visa to have access to study in South Korea.

This article will direct you on how to obtain your Korea Student Visa From the beginning to finish. I know you have numerous questions about South Korea Visa necessities for Nigeria, South Korea visa application form, South Korea visa types, South Korea visa agent, The cost of south Korea visa fee and other associated questions is what we will attend to in this piece. In case you even want some information about Nigerian community in South Korea or the embassy address in Nigeria. Stay glue, as I will give you a run around on how you can apply for South Korea Student Visa From Nigeria.

Overview - Study In South Korea

How To Apply For South Korea Student Visa From Nigeria

There are Higher education in South Korea which includes undergraduate, PhDs and Masters degrees. The higher education institutions include graduate schools, universities and a wide range of specialized universities and other institutions like junior colleges. Universities can be general which is run by the Korean government (public institution) or even private institutions.

The Graduate education in Korea is a well-respected institution throughout the whole world, especially in technical areas like information technology and engineering. There programs are also taught in English language. The school also have notable research programs which are distinguished faculty and state-of-the-art research facilities. Six South Korean universities were rated in the zenith of 400 Universities around the world. This fact was gotten from the 2012-2013 Times Higher Education World Rankings. The university is cool and if you really want to apply for it then I think you should follow the next step.

How To apply For South Korea Student Visa in Nigeria

There are diverse categories of Visa you can apply for when going to South Korea. Note that the reason why you are going to South Korea is to study and there for your visa will be for studying. If you are a tourist, you will apply for a tourist visa and if the purpose of your going is for business, then you will apply for a business visa. If it for vacation, you also have your visa. But since your purpose is to go there for studying in South Korea, the South Korea Student Visa is what you need.

All students that are international require a D-2 Visa, which is issued to all students in research programs at colleges, or regular students in universities, graduate schools, or even in research institutes. Once an institution gives you an admission, you can then go for a visa from the Korean Embassy through the following address below.

South Korea Student Visa Documents

1. Get your international original passport, with one blank passport page for South Korean stamp.

2. You also need one South Korean visa application form. You have to be honest when filling it.

3. Prepare you original Certificate of Admission which was issued to you by the president of the Korean university.

4. You need to show an evidence of sufficient funds that will support your stay in South korea;

– Students on a one term program which is (3-4 months) should provide a current bank statement that has a minimum balance of about $3,000.00. Which is equivalent to 1,081,500.00 Nigerian naira

– Students that intend on running a year program should have a recent bank statement with a balance of $10,000.00. Which is equivalent to 3,605,000.00 Nigerian Naira

5. Most recent certificate of school record

6. One new 2 x 2 passport photograph, in color, front view and with a plain background.

7. An original Tuberculosis (TB) skin or blood test results.

Both of the visa charge fee is about £20 to £35. A multiple entry visa is more luxurious than a single entry visa

South Korea Consulate Nigeria, Lagos

38.. Lobito ..Cobito.. Crescent

Crescent, Wuse,

Abuja.. Nigeria


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