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Thursday, May 25, 2017

8 techniques to be productive when working from home

8 techniques to be productive when working from home

To start a business in your garage or your home office is not as easy as Silicon Valley makes it seem. Not only faces a tough fight in your market as a novice, but the transformation of their daily habitats in the home of your new business can be incredibly difficult.

Your house is always a place to relax and usually a refuge against stress, but if you go on your business trip, obviously these features raffled.

Here are 8 tips that will help you not just to be successful but also allows you to maintain a balance between work / life:

1. Create an independent workspace

Create a separate workspace that can be closed in your normal living area. In an office, cellar or an area that is easy to close the rest of your home. This area will be known by those at home as "workplace only" and can transfer the point when you are there to work.

2. Make a comfortable room

In this area be sure to create a space fully functional and comfortable to work, with a comfortable chair, good lighting and, of course, to create a computer desk business for comfort. By creating a comfortable workplace, you will be able to focus exclusively on your business and do not put any mix-up online work / life aside.

"If you do not pay enough attention to what you have, your attention, take more of your attention, which deserves it. "- David Allen

3. The combination of office and chair is more important than you think

Obviously, a table, and chair is four feet of base, drawer office and the kitchen will do, but it is important to ensure that your workplace will help you stay engaged. Additional options such as height-adjustable tables, adjustable lighting and ergonomic chairs can help you stay committed to work when the day begins.

4. Keep a calendar 



I can not stress the importance of creating a work plan. You might not want to work your base "9-5" - which is fine, but make sure that your schedule is consistent and every day, you know what to expect on the schedule. Plant to give two 15-minute breaks per day over time and lunch, you get used regularly. Establishing these guidelines mental work will help you to be more productive in their established breaks.

5. Get a whiteboard 

white board


With the aid of a slate presentation, planning and reminders, you can design thoughts in a simple manner that can be useful to visual learners. Notebooks, notes, and computers are helpful, but both can be misplaced or ignored while a panel is always in place and simple reference. This also gives the opportunity to get up from your seat (hopefully uncomfortable) occasionally.

6. Write down how you spend your time

By getting an eye, it is likely motivated by the idea of ​​watching a list of "tasks completed" at the end of the day. This motivation will have you more, to work and avoid sidetracked.

7. Boundary deflection

Do not use a TV set inside your office. Restricting your distractions is not easy with alternative entertainment to do it at home, but how you can eliminate these distractions. more work will be able to be accomplished. It may seem small, but also leave in the morning news in your office can restrict serious progress daily tasks.

"The work is hard, distractions are abundant and the time is short ..." - Adam Hochschild

8. Set limits

Set boundaries with your family, relatives and even pets. A family or another important, all day "at home" could make the work online / life a little blurred, so be sure to set limits early.

A good rule of thumb is that your office workplace and during fixed working hours, you are actually at work. Define the allowed limits to complete their daily work without being disturbed by the things that need to do while working in an office.

Overall, work from home is a great opportunity, and sometimes the only way for business owners to make a name for themselves. The best part to start your own business is that your business is just as you work. The success and failure is in your hands, and if you have dificulties working on your home, your business might suffer.

What are some of the things that you do to stay productive when you work from home? Let your thoughts down!

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