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Saturday, February 11, 2017

2018 Business to Start With Little Capital In Nigeria

Dear readers, my take is that if you have exhausted all possibilities of getting a job, don't stay idle, an idle mind is a dangerous mind, it will rob you the opportunity of being creative. It can lead to hopelessness and depression. So roll up your sleeves and try something else until you have a significant breakthrough, you can actually try any of these tested and proved methods of generating huge money, who knows you can grow it to become an employer of labour, Ask Dangote, Joberman C.E.O Linda Ikeji, Oracle C.E.O, and so many other successful entrepreneurs, their Rome was not built in a day. Check your environment, do your survey any of the followings that can work correctly in your environment, please don't procrastinate.

 2017 Business to Start With Little Capital In Nigeria

1. Snail Farming

Snail farming is very easy to start, and you don't need up to N100,000 to start this business. Snails are very expensive in most restaurants, and even in markets in Nigeria and even with the high cost, it is very easy to begin. I will give you a little secret to get free snails; You can acquire some snails early in the morning after a rainfall in the bush and one snail usually lays about 300-500 eggs. You can also buy some snails from the market to start with. Snails mainly eat grasses like spinach, and they also eat fruits like cucumber, etc.

2. Dry Cleaning

This is an excellent business to start with less money. Easy to start and easy to run. All you need is a rented store, one washing machine, two pressing iron, a tank to store water, two workers and other little small things like soap, starch, perfume, e.t.c. Note: you should wash and iron the clothes well so that you can be recommended to other customers. You can also make your dry cleaning business enormous, by building an app that will help people hire your services and which they can also add their address to get their clothes. This will even make your dry cleaning business go viral, and you will expand your app service to other African countries. It is a tremendous idea! Only the courageous can do this.

3. Web Designing

It is very easy to start designing a website if you can acquire the right knowledge about Microsoft and most especially WordPress as most people prefer it now. You can make so much money by being a website designer, although the money depends on your hard work and dedication. The business requires little capital as all you need how to register a website using Godaddy to host it and how to select a very decent theme to design the site. Most people are turning into commerce, and you can also create an e-commerce website with some CMS related platforms. You need to learn how to host a website too.

4. Rental Services

This type of business is very lucrative considering the demand of rental products in Nigeria. From renting chairs and tables to dresses, cooking utensils, canopies, stores, spaces, etc. It requires little or no money as you can get some of these items from the manufacturing at credit. Your target market is enormous considering the rate of occasions that occurs in Nigeria.

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5. Writing Articles

This requires no money to start as long as you are a good writer. Some websites and blogs pay people to write excellent articles. Such website is Iwriter, upwork e.t.c which pays people that writes an article as a copywriter. You will be going with 3k, and in a month you may make more than 30k. They can surprise you with their payment if you are willing to work.

6. Car Washing

This is another good business that requires less capital. Rent out space for a year and get all the necessary materials needed for car washing, waxing and shinning. Hire few people that will do the job, advertise and make it condusive for people especially the waiting area where they sit and wait for their car to be washed.

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