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Saturday, January 14, 2017




You are highly welcome; we will be sharing some awesome quotes on forgiveness. We all are not perfect, you have offend someone you love so much, maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend, and you are looking for a more matured way to beg for forgiveness, to have a great relationship with them.

Below are some logical powerful quotes that you can use to beg for forgiveness. You are also very free to use those images on whatsapp, facebook, twitter, e.t.c.


1. “If you’re really mature it is seen in your ability to forgive, the more you revenge, the more you worsen the problem, so let’s embrace forgiveness.” – Chibuisi N. Ogidi.

2. “Embrace peace, because without peace there will be no progress” – Chibuisi N. Ogidi.

3. “if you don’t forget what happened yesterday, soon everybody will be your enemy” – chibuisi N. Ogidi.

4. “Report your case at the appropriate quarter, you will get positive result.” – Chibuisi n. Ogidi.

5. “Resolve the matter by dialogue not by violence.” – Chibuisi N. Ogidi.


6. “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” – Martin Luther King

7. “Don’t kill your fellow human being, because it will be hard for you to live alone.” – Chibuisi N. Ogidi

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8. “Forget the past and embrace unity. ”

9. “Use your past experience as a guide-line to perfect your future.” – Chibuisi N. Ogidi

10. “Peace is what we need and peace is also what we should embrace.” – Sam Adesoji


11. “Forget your past failure and plan for future progress” – Chibuisi N. Ogidi

12. “ You can never have better tomorrow, if you are thinking about yesterday’s failure all the time.” – Chibuisi N. Ogidi.

13. “ It is very certain that there won’t be love without forgiveness in every relationship” – Moses Kalejaiye

14. “It is very easy to forgive, if only you’re willing to” – Moses Kalejaiye

15. “Our ability to forgive and let go of the past, make us very superior” – Moses Kalejaiye

16. “ forgiveness is a powerful things, it dilutes the heart with love” – Moses Kalejaiye

17. “For the fact that we are all full of errors and imperfections, therefore everyone deserves a second chance” - Moses kalejaiye

18. “Forgiveness is a five you offer yourself, if you forgive, you bring joy back into your life” – Moses Kalejaiye

19. “Only the brave can forgive” - Moses kalejaiye

20. “Men forget but never forgive, Women forgive but never forget” – Anonymous

21. “It is very hard to forgive a friend but easy to forgive an enemy” – Moses Kalejaiye

22. “It will take only one person to forgive you, but will will take two people to be reunited together” – Lewis B. Smedes

23. “The weak people don’t forgive, because it is for the strong only” – Moses Kalejaiye

24. “Mistakes are always forgivable, if only you have the courage to admit them” – Bruce Lee

25. “ Mr John kennedy said. Always forgive your enemies when they do something wrong, but don’t you ever forget their names”

Do you know that it take a good mindset to be able to forgive? Even the bible confirms it that, people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, therefore always use yourself as an example, for instance, we always sin unto God, but still yet, when we ask for forgiveness, he still forgives us.

No matter how big the offence is, always know that the best option is to let go, in other for you to have a peace life.

The most successful people today, have gone through some unforgiveable events in their life, but for you to get to some heights in life, you must realize that it is very essential for you to know how to forgive.

If she has hurt you, forgive her, if God can forgive us our sins, then give me one reason why you won’t forgive too.

In conclusion: For us to live in a peaceful world, for us to be great in life, for us to be successful, then we all must learn to forgive one another.

Kindly feel free to share this page with your friends and also, you can drop you quotes on forgiveness below.

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