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when preparation meets opportunity something happens, success.


10 powerful secrets to be successful as a Nigerian

10 powerful secrets to be successful as a Nigerian

Secrets to be successful

secrets to be successful as a Nigerian

1. Have a dream: 

The first great step to being successful in life is by dreaming, it is required of everyone who want to be successful to start seeing who and what they want to become, see yourself doing what you want to do even when you haven’t started anything yet. Napoleon Hill said - “desire is the starting point of all achievement” for you to be able to achieve great things in life, you need to start seeing your self as that billionaire you want to be. Start dreaming Today.

2. Think Big: 

To be honest with you, we all are thinkers, we will definitely think about something, although our thinking are very different, as someone aspiring to be successful in life, you need to start thinking positive things, and whenever you imagine who you want to be, make sure your imaginations are big, the bigger your imaginations the harder you will work.

3. Start small : 

I have met a lot of people who haven’t started anything yet, if you ask why, you will begin to get silly excuses like I need more cash, I need this, I need that. The truth is, you’ll never stop needing. You just have to stop procrastinating and start small with the little resources you have. If you have started since, I can assure you that you won’t be where you are today.

4. Believe in yourself: 

in other words I call this self confident, you need to have that 100% assurance in yourself, you don’t have to believe in what someone else believes in. just believe in yourself, be determined to keep pushing.

5. Follow your passion: 

one of the reasons why most people are not successful is as a result of doing what you don’t love, many Nigerians are doing what they don’t love, the truth is we all are unique, we all don’t think the same and therefore we all have different talents, the people who are successful today are those who chased their dreams, those who followed their passion. In case you haven’t discovered your passion yet, I can help you with some hits on how to discover your passion. “I would love to help you one on one, message me on whatsapp on 08161815334 to know what your passion is.”

6. Be prepared for criticism: 

The fact remains that at some point in our lives, we are scared of doing certain things, because of what we think people will say about what we want to do, before I started a blog, I use to feel like my English is very bad, yea, but guess what, I don’t give a damn anymore, I have realized that everybody cannot love what you do, you just need to keep doing what you want to do and the right people will surly come knocking on your door. Have it at the back of your mind that, they will criticize your life , they will say bad things about you, they will use their mouth to castigate you, but just be focus, leave them and concentrate on what you want to do, and with time, they will love or leave!!!

7. Be diligent – 

proverbs 22:29 says; see thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before vain men. To be successful is never a day job and it is important for you to work assiduously to get what you want. be very careful when it comes to your business.

8. Don’t be afraid to compete with giants: 

every successful giants today started like you, just be you, just do you, and don’t try to compete with anyone, my reason is that, if you have it at the back of your mind to compete, you won't be really fulfilling your best. all you need to do is provide value, and your business will compete.

9. Be focused: 

I perceive this world as a market place, where there are lots of distractions. There was a day I went to the market to get a trouser for myself, while I was passing through, I saw a very nice shoe, the beauty of the shoe tempt me in such a way that I had to branch the shop and ask for the price, the price was affordable, so I purchased it and went back home. On reaching home, I realized that, I had gone to buy a trouser but I came home with a shoe. That’s exactly how life is, there will be lots of distractions, you just need to be strong and be focused. Don’t look left or right, just raise you head high, till you get to your destination. being focused is sticking to the initial plans.

10. Stick to the process: 

I believe every aspiring success has a plan, it is very important that you stick to your initial plans. it will be very difficult to stick to the process, there will be days when you don't even want to hear about that thing you love so much, don't feel sad, it's normal, but that is exactly why pediawap is here, we will get you going everyday. it is essential that you get motivated everyday, just as you take your bath everyday.

A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could, here at pediawap, I Moses Kalejaiye can help you achieve a massive success in anything you want to do, I believe in you, i believe you are great, i believe that you can make it, it's never too late, it never too early, it's very possible. my question to you is, do you even believe in yourself??

if i can get started, you can too, no matter the circumstances, no matter the hardship your going through, let us know, and we will help you out.

kindly send in your messages on whatsApp only to 08161815334.

please and please, don't call!!

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