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how a woman's character can destroy her relationship

how a woman's character can destroy her relationship



The charm of a lady may win a man, but the character of a lady will keep the man with her. It is easy to win a man’s heart the first day he set his eyes on a woman, but the next thing to win in the man is his acceptance of your character.

This is far harder to conquer than a man’s sense of acceptance of beauty.

There are thousands of women whose relationships were crushed because of their character. Hundreds of characters are in this world to order a woman to a man and also the other way round.

You might say beauty is part of what attracts a man to a woman; of course, character is the bedrock or marriage.

When a woman lacks the right character, Chances are that she will also miss the right partner. In other word, the right characters woman possesses attracts the right suitors for her to choose from.

But what are basic character altitudes in woman that can spell a doom for a woman in any relationship? The following will shed more light on this.


Every man knows the danger of a lying woman. It is usually assume that anyone who lies will also cheat or steal; no man can trust a woman whose word cannot be taken for what she says. Lying destroys the basics for trust in any relationship.

It makes a woman loose respect and his man to loose honor if on any occasion an event exposes her as a liar. It is better to tell the truth at all time so as not to have a reason to always remember what you may have once said.

Lie is easily detected when what you want people to believe about you or report about a yet to be established fact is found wanting.

The moment the fact becomes established, people who are mindful of what you have said earlier will call to mind the true position of things as against what others have earlier said.

But if it is a lie that they have been fed with earlier , the people will reduce their truth in the lady and would have lost respect for her.

If there is a man who wants to entice the woman from their quarters in the future, it is easy for the man to be discouraged from a relationship with the lady.

Mistakes of cheating

Every relationship is built on the mutual trust that the two nature individuals in the relationship shares with one another.

Meanwhile there are hundreds of great and menial threats that can easily shatter the hope of making a worthwhile life out of this relationship where there is no adequate care.

One of such things that people in relationship must exact is clearly randy.

Although it has always been said that men are prone to polygamous inclinations, and they have enough arguments to bail themselves out on this, but it is quite unsung for any woman to indulge in sleeping with just any man that come along.

Cause of infidelity

What often make the woman to end up being label a cheat and afterwards forfeits her relationship? Of course there are hundreds of reasons to this, but few of the following may add to our understanding the subject and preventing as from falling to the saline trap in any way.

1. Wanting too much

Any woman who wants too much than people around her maybe in for trouble. The reason is not far-fat-chef, as he has an insatiable lust for material things and as a result, she may not be able to personally provide for herself all those good things of life she is found of. Then she would be very happy when she knows she can use fact that she is a woman to accomplish the desire to have all things. As a result, she would, she would develop the inclinations to keeping too many men at her reach so she could really exploit them to have know when a player comes along, they would deceive her with such things they felt she has desires for in order to do what they want to do with her and once this is done, they still wait around to exploit her the more.

2. Wanting sexual gratification.

Now a woman that has been exposed to many men right from her youthful days onward will in time become very difficult to please by one man basically because of her experience.

Now and then, temptation of accepting the sexual advances that another stranger made at her at every point is rife, as she would easily cave in to the request because such woman can no longer stay without having intercourse over a long time.

Nevertheless, such women may equally keep longing for a particular individual she once have sexual intercourse with in the past or another new person around that she is found of and she may not stop until she had been able to have the person to do the act.

3. Having low self esteem

Another popular cause of cheating in relationship is when the lady has low esteem, as such she is easily won over by other randy man around who will abuse her at will without her ability to fight back or resist such temptation.

So many have fall prey as a result.

If a woman has a low self esteem, warding off vain compliments or remarks that are suggestive of temptation and infidelity cannot be prevented as some men in the society have a knack for taking advantage of any such weakling.

4. Mingling with wrong group

There are very many easy-going but corrupt ladies and men alike. Since we find them at offices and at other social centers, patronizing the same place as them will definitely put a lady at the risk of being taken advantage of. If for instance you have a friend in town that runs restaurant business, frequently going to the place will attract some of her customers to you and before you know it, they have already have your number from the said individual and they will start to disturb you with request for relationship with you. A woman may not be able to completely beat all the antics of such said men and as a result, she may find herself in trouble at the long run.

5. Not detaching from the past

Most ladies that do not know how to detach themselves from past attachments find themselves becoming labeled as cheat. There is the story of a lady that still has contract with the boy that used to be her boyfriend way back in school. Of course, she never eventually marry him, but she often go to the guy’s place any time she is in need, on the ground that they were now brother and sister. Such attachment usually spells down for any man at long run, as he will in no time become inadequate to his wife who has a lover behind the scene. Not being able to break free from past attachment is one of the reasons that so many ladies find themselves cheating on their finance or their husband.

6. Wanting to retaliate

Some women are so simple. Now because their fiancé had been found or rumored to be dating another person and they get the wind of it, they suddenly became bent on having equalizer. So they think of nothing more but a chance to get even with the erring partner. By so doing, they would want to do it. Sometime secretly somewhere and something will go wrong to spill the beans. Once this happens, such may not have the gut to declare that they were trying to get back at their partner, they would only endure the shame in silence. This may however break up their relationship with their fiancée if the person finds it so difficult to let go of the incidence.

7. Coping with the wrong guy.

Sometimes most ladies find themselves dating the wrong or the bad guy. Maybe they think such guys will give them the honor of being the bad boy’s girlfriend. But when it becomes clear such honor is never going to come, they starts to find a way-out, looking for an alter- ego or another guy consider stronger than the present one to date. What they wanted to do is to wriggle themselves out of the claws of their captors, but they may end up becoming labeled as cheats.

People, ladies especially often felt that bad guys will change when they want to go into a love based relationship with them. 

Most find themselves committing to such relationship because they had been bullied by the bad boy and eventually stick to them, but not without finding a way of escape through the backdoor of having another lover concurrently.

Avoid cheating in your relationship

Just as earlier said, relationship can only thrive on trust, and in absence of trust no relationship ever can exist. It is pertinent then that a woman or the lady endure to put her longing in check and conquer the greatest enemy to self. 

But who is the greatest enemy to self other than self? We are our selves’ greatest enemy sometimes, just as someone rightly said. 

“we are not making it last, and we only call it mistake the moment we are caught.” In that regard it is very important to avoid the lure of the flesh as well as tempting situation that may cause us to jeopardize out chastity.

The best way to stay away from trouble and from becoming a cheat is not far fetched, stay away from vanity and fantasy, find every reason you will need to love your man and give him due attention all the time, this will endear both of you to one another and sharing mutual love that you both have established can become easier than you ever thought.

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