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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

how to have a successful business in 2018

welcome, i will be sharing with you lucrative businesses that moves fast, these businesses are thriving and you can even seat at home and run some of these businesses. let me give you hope, you can start with small capital.

I have been searching for the most profitable businesses in Nigeria, to tell you the truth; I am not very satisfied with the results I got.

Sites like Nairaland Naij, in a post, they shared a very nice list of lucrative businesses in Nigeria, but the problem is that, they didn't consider those with small capital.

Every Nigerian wants to be successful in business like Aliko Dangote.

The man who is the richest in Nigeria and in Africa. He worth $11.7 Billion, but the problem is, it not just making millions that really matters at first.

You need to know that those who are very successful in business actually did something that you have not done.

There is a saying that says: if you want to see what no one has seen, then be ready to do what no one has done.

Looking for a profitable business is not the problem; the problem is succeeding in that business.

It’s not just about the Job thing, what most of you don't know is that, getting a Job is a Job.

I will be giving you the best online and offline businesses.

What I mean by the online business is that; you can just stay at home and make millions like Linda Ikeji.

Unlike Linda, she started her blog with absolutely zero naira.

The reason why I said zero naira is that, she's using a free blogging platform called blogger. Blogger allows you to register your site with no cost at all.

She started with nothing, but guess what? She now owns a beautiful mansion in Banana Island.

Before starting any business there are things you need to consider, it is very compulsory to consider certain things if you really want to be successful in your business.

Things To Consider Before Setting Up A business in Nigeria

Starting up a business is very easy, but succeeding in the business is not easy. Trust me. It not easy

1. Why you chose that business:

what made you want to go into that business, try to list five solid reasons why you want to start selling cloths, or why you want to start oil and gas business.

Your friend might be doing something, and his going to succeed in it, but if you try going into what he or she is doing, you might not succeed.

Do you know why? It actually because that thing is not meant for you.

2. Are you really ready to venture into that business?

Just as I said earlier that businesses are easy to start, but it takes consistency to succeed.

It very easy to say yes am ready, but what will really make me know you’re ready is seeing where you are after two months. In every business, you need to constantly evaluate yourself.

What I mean is, if you sold more goods today, and tomorrow you didn't, you need to seat and check the reason why you sold more goods than yesterday than you did today. If you are really ready, you most also

how to have a successful business in Nigeria

i. plan your business:

There is a saying that says, if you fail to plan, and then you plan to fail. So it is very important for you to plan your business.

The reason why is that; if you carefully look at the reason why we plan our events, things like birthdays, naming ceremony, e.t.c, you see the owner of the event jotting down the things they will need to make the events a great one.

It is also applicable to business. You need to jot down the things you want to do, your aims and objectives, your goals, e.t.c.

ii. Goal setting:

Setting of goals is also very essential when it comes to business, you need to start setting goals like: Where do I see this business in the next two months, where will this business take me in the next one year, where will be our headquarter? Where will we have branches?

If you start setting goals like this, you will be very serious to meet up with them,

NOTE: set one goal at a time. Make sure you achieve a goal before setting another.

3. Find things that will keep you going:

The reason why I said that is, many of us have surrounded ourselves with people who can only discourage us, those who never see something good in you.

The things you see, the things you hear, the things you read, will definitely determine whether you will succeed in that business or not.

For instance; you just started a business and your friends come to your shop in the evening to take you out to drink beer and eventually spending all the money you made for the day. The kind of people you surround yourself with will determine your success.

4. Have you made up your mind to face every difficultly:

Any business you venture into and you didn't face any challenges, simple means you are not moving forward.

It only when you break the walls that are stopping you from seeing what's happening on the other side, that's what will make you move forward. Just in case you don't know, the most successful business men and business women are high risk takers.

They are problem solvers. So for you to move forward, for you to be successful it is necessary that you start taking risks, it is necessary that you start learning more to be able to solve problems.

5. You need to stay updated:

How well do you know what you are into, you are a musician and you don't even know what music is. You need to always make research on your business; I will advise you to start by doing 80% of research and 20% of sales.

If you start that way, you will have more ideas on how you can quickly improve your business and staying up-to-date. That will prepare you from every difficulty on your way. Zig Ziglar said "Success is when opportunity meets preparation".

6. You need a marketing strategy:

You need a very Good marketing strategy. This will help your customers know more about what you do. And they will also understand why your product or services is better than your competitors.

Developing a marketing strategy is very important because it will help your business to be more popular, more profitable, it will also help your business be the best.

Even if your products or services are the best in the market, without good marketing strategy, you won't be getting more customers the way you ought to get.

Your marketing strategy is suppose to make your product very clear and real,

According to SMH, Your marketing strategy should include:

  • Analysis of your current market
  • Your business objectives
  • Key strategies
  • Steps to achieving your objectives
  • Proposed budget
  • Timing

You can also make use of Smh free marketing planning iPad app, MarketMyBiz, this app will help you identify your target market, it will help you position your business name to stand out from other competitors, and set specific, measurable goals for your marketing activities.

Those are the things you should consider before starting any business.

Note: you need to start your business with the interest of your customers first before yours. Think about your customers before yourself. 

Also, don't forget to ask them questions on how you could possibly serve them better.

You should know how to keep your customers and make them come back again and again.

How to keep your customers and make them always come back

For you to be able to keep your customers you must be a very trustworthy person, and you must also have a lot of patience. 

Some customers can be very annoying, trust me, some can provoke you, and by the way they will price your product. But still, you need to always have that smiling face.

1. Always Reward your customers for anything. Make them feel at home. Remember customers are always right

2. If your customers also sell some product, try patronizing them too, it's called loyalty.

3. This is part of strategy, whenever there is a celebration like Christmas, Send lovely text messages to your customers. It will make them feel very important, and loved. No better way to show care.

4. Have a customer care; trust me; since most people don't do this, it is an added advantage to you. Make sure you have a number where customers can complain or appreciate your product.

5. Be a man of your words. Always fulfill your promises.

6. Stick to your time, Do the things you said you will do at the exact time.

7. be available. Let your customers be able to see you whenever they really need you.

8. Be trust worthy. Let your customers trust you and your product or services. Build trust. This will help you gain more customers, but if they don't trust you, they will go to your competitors.

9. Your dressing matters. The way you dress is the way you'll be addressed, dress nice and smell nice.

10. Speak well. You need to relate well with your customers, let them understand you clearly.

I know by now you must be wondering what all this is all about, well before I give you the full list of some online business to start and offline business in Nigeria, I want to give you everything you need to succeed. I have also embedded some make money fast businesses that is legit.

So let’s look at why most business fail in Nigeria.

This is very important, most people have ignored this but if you can carefully follow everything on this page, I guarantee you sustainable success.


Why Most Businesses Fail

1. The Location of your business: 

how to have a successful business in Nigeria

This is the first and the most vital consideration; most people setup their business where it is not needed, places where there is no much demand for what you are selling.

before choosing a shop for your business, try considering easy access, for instance, if you setup a provision store close to a school, that's a very brilliant idea, but if the shop is situated near a school and your shop is on the third storey building, so the kids have to climb the stairs to buy things of #10, it not too good that way, some kids won't even bother to come near your shop. 

The point here is that, try as much as possible to setup your shops where it needed.

2. wrong decision making: 

As the c.e.o of your business, it is expected of you to make decisions on your own, and it's not just about making decisions that matters, you also need to make sure that, they are the best decision for your business. 

As human being, we are not perfect, we want to do a lot of things, an economics said, wants is something that can't be satisfied, as human beings, there are lot of things you want to do for your company, but out of those things, you need to decide the best decision that your business needs at that particular time.

3. Mismanagement of funds: 

let me shock you, for the fact that you own that business doesn't give you the right to spend money anyhow. Only the successful ones know this. 

It is required of you to always make analysis, I mean, make accounts daily, of the things you sold, of the things, you bought. 

Never buy anything that your business doesn’t need. Go and ask successful business men and women, they don't spend anyone. 

It actually not because they don't need those things, but they disciplined themselves and focused on achieving success first before looking elsewhere.

4. Lack of consistency: 

you must be consistent in what you're doing. I have seen people setup a business today and the following week you'll see them at home, then when you ask why they are not in shop, they will tell you they want to rest. 

It’s actually funny, because you have been resting and sleeping throughout the night. Successful people are hard/smart workers. 

They sleep for just 6 hours and sometimes most of them are awake in the mid-night, making research on how to grow their business. So you should know that it's never a small task.

5. Setting up the business for selfish reasons:

I have said this time without number, let your vision is straight; you need to start by making your customers happy first. 

That is the only way you can be happy in return. I don't know if you get what I meant. Your customers first before yourself. 

Also note that it's more than just being rich, you will get rich if your mindset are right. But if it just about you, then am sorry to tell you that you won't succeed.

This post is just to give you some enlightenment.

Now let's go into the topic proper. I will be listing both Online and Offline businesses.

I will like to begin with the online business, for me, that's the way, I have a passion to write, share ideas, learn, teach, guide people and yes, motivate people and that's why I setup this blog.

Some Online Businesses to start with #0.00.

I will be teaching you how to start some online businesses with no money just like linda ikeji.

Below are the lists of some business that will fetch you lots of money, trust me, lot of money, but you have to work. The sweetest thing is that you can start with little or no knowledge.

1. Starting a blog: 

Setting up a blog is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money online. Guess what? You can even have a blog and still run some other businesses.

But to be sincere with you, blogging really takes a lot of time to start making money.

Because your blog most be very resourceful and updated daily, it must also be popular, it must have lots of traffic to fetch you good money. 

But I don't really want to discourage you, making money through blogging highly depends on you. If you want to make the money very fast, you need to invest very fast, lol.

So if you are interested in setting up a free blog, just click on blogger, it very easy, just follow up the steps.

Suitable for who?

Starting a blog is suitable for those who love to write, share ideas, knowledge e.t.c.

Skills Required

You don't need a BSC, to start a blog, if you can just express yourself, you also need to know how to write, simpler and understanding words.


Start up a blog about something you love, about something you have more knowledge on. Make sure it's your passion, that's the only way you can keep going. 

Look for good niche where there is low competition. To know more about how to create a blogger blog go to shoutmeloud. They have everything you need.

2. Start a vlogging (start creating youtube videos):

Being a Vlogger means someone who blog strictly by using videos. Another simple online business is by creating videos and uploading them to YouTube, YouTube get about 5 billion views every day. 

Can you imagine, this is just to tell you the kind of money you can make by creating videos and making people watch them. 

Felix kjellberg is a vlogger and he has earned about 12 million dollars in 2015 by just posting his videos on YouTube.

You too can make more, if only you are dedicated to it. am still working on myself, when am done, I will start vlogging also.

Suitable for who?

Vlogging is suitable for people who love making videos, people who like to talk a lot.

Skills Required

You need to have knowledge on creating high quality videos, using software tools or even using your mobile phone apps.

If you want to start creating YouTube videos, check out more info on wikihow.

3. Doing affiliate marketing:

What is affiliate marketing? Well, affiliate marketing is a kind of deal or a type of performance-based marketing where you will be given certain percentage for every product that is bought through your affiliate link. 

let me break it down, this is how it works, you will go to a website where they sell products and are doing affiliate marketing, then you will register in there affiliate marketing site, after registering, you'll be given a link where you can promote their products. 

If you promote your link and you eventually sell any product, there is a certain percentage for you, for every product that is bought through your link.

Suitable for who?

This is suitable for people who know how to persuade, people who know how to talk, and yes, it's suitable for site owners.

Skills required

You need to have knowledge on how to promote products online by using social media, advertisement, e.t.c.

If you are interested in this, you can go to,,,

4. Creating and selling of websites

There is a website where you can sell your websites and make cool cash, trust me cool cash, you can go to, it's an online market place where people go and sell their websites and even buy.

Suitable for who?

This is suitable for people who have knowledge on developing beautiful websites.

Skills Required

You need to have knowledge on creating wordpress sites, joomla, e.t.c will take care of the payments and they will send your money to your preferred payment method. 

I think I will have to make separate article on this, so if you are interested, kindly drop your comment below.

5. Creating of wordpress and blogger themes

I think you now know what blogger is, but what is wordpress? wordpress is another easy blogging platform that allows you to host your website and have full control of it. 

Unlike the blogger platform where everything is free, on wordpress, you have to pay a fee to host your website.

Suitable for who?

For those who know how to create beautiful themes.

Skills required

You need to understand programming languages, html, css and others.

To have more idea of what I’m saying, you can visit the three biggest online market place for themes and templates

If you sell your themes to the above website then it a 50-50 thing, you will pay them 50% commission on every sale. 

But the advantage is that your themes will get to millions of people in less than 1 hour. And you will be having millions of sale only if your theme has a great design.

6. Develop mobile Applications

Most of you who download apps from playstore and others, you will notice that sometimes you will see a pop-up ads, that’s where the owner of that app get his commission from. As soon as you click on the ads, something will enter into his account. lol.

Suitable for who?

People who love to create Apps.

Skills required

Do you know that you can create apps even if you don't have any knowledge about coding and things like that? But if you do, then it's an added advantage to you.

If you’re interested kindly start by visiting the below sites.


7. Email marketing

What is email marketing? This is another kind of affiliate marketing where you promote certain products by using your email list subscribers.

Suitable for who?

This is suitable for people who love to talk, write, persuade, and people who already have a blog.

Skills Required

You need Knowledge on how to write promotional emails.

To know more about this, kindly do some research.

8. Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is another type of affiliate marketing where you promote products using your facebook pages, groups, or even facebook ads.

Suitable for who

 This is suitable for people who love to write, people who have a lot of friends, people who have big pages, or groups.

Skills Required

You need knowledge on how to create great and captivating facebook posts and images that will catch the attention of your facebook friends.

9. Start copywriting:

It’s copywriting not copy and paste, copywriting is when you write a copy of post for the purpose of marketing or advertising. The copy you wrote is meant to persuade people to checkout a particular product and eventually buy them.

Suitable for who?

It’s suitable for sweet talkers, people who can make you belief in what they believe in.

Skills required

You need Knowledge on how to write a sales copy in order to maximize product sales. 

Good copywriters earn huge amount of money by just writing a copy of a product. You might not earn much when you start. But as time goes on, you will earn hundreds of naira by creating one sales copy.

To get started visits these websites;


10. Start Freelancing

Who is a freelancer? A freelancer is someone who is employed to write for multiple clients. If you like to work from home, you can start this.

Suitable for who?

For people who can write well

Skills required

Just be good at writing.

These are some top freelance website


11. Start a podcast

Podcast is a digital audio file which is made available on the internet for download, it usually done in an mp3 format and it is also done in series. Podcasting is an audio series where you teach people things like, how to be confident, how to succeed in any Nigeria business, things like that. 

Suitable for who?

For people who love to talk and teach different things. People who can explain how certain things are done.

Skills required

You need the ability and in-depth knowledge in certain topics. You must not know everything before starting, but you can also do some research.

How to create a podcast

1. You need to outline the points you'll be discussing, determine what you want to talk about, learn more about what you want to talk about

2. Recording tools. You can search for Audacity, or search for any other good podcast tool.

3. Upload your podcast on itunes or your personal website.

How to make money with your podcast

You can sell your podcast, but you need to ensure that what you are teaching is compelling and convincing, that's how people will pay you, you can start with a great podcast for free, then in the next podcast you can ask your customer to pay, to get some secrets about something you want to teach. But your must first build your customers.

Well I still have more that 50 online businesses you can start but I will stop here, I don't want to over bore you.

Some Offline Businesses to start

1. Snail rearing: 

Snail farming is one of the businesses in Nigeria that has been overlooked, for businesses like this with low competitions, that means there will be a lot of profit in it, and you just need low investment because snail rearing does not require a lot of vegetation to eat, and their reproduction rate is very high. 

You will need to invest in housing and protecting them, because snails are delicate, and must be kept properly to survive. 

2. Starting a makeup studio

Makeup business is another very lucrative business in Nigeria, and do you know that Nigerian's are among the largest users of cosmetics. about 88-90% of Nigerian's use creams, and we are about 300-500 million and still counting, that's to tell you that the business is moving wellyou can start your own make up studio for as low as N50,000, on a medium scale you can begin with N500,000 – N1 million, and on a large scale you can start with N10 – N20 million depending on your capability. 

3. Start a mini daycare:

Many Nigerian's have neglect this aspect,  day care business can be very lucrative, some parents now Adays won't want to pay N40,000 for a child in nursery for a term, so what they do is look for a day care service where they can pay N6,000. 

Let’s assume you charge your clients N6000, then you have about 12 kids, so for one month you'll be getting about N72,000. 

I think it make sense for a start. Now let's calculate N72,000 X 12 month, that's N864,000 and of cause, you will be having more than 12 kids. And before starting this business, I will advise you to do more research, because you need a sweet and conducive environment for the kids.

4. Selling of phone accessories (chargers, batteries e.t.c)

This is another very lucrative business, I know of a guy who has a very big shop filled with phone accessories, and his making huge money, to tell you the truth, whenever I want to buy something, its like am always on a queue, and that's the work of good location. You can start this business with N50-N100K.

5. Palm oil business

The funniest thing about this business is that, I only see some set of people doing this business, which is the Igbo people, which is not suppose to be. 

You can start palm oil business with as low as N20,000 to a million naira, this is how the business works, palm oil are usually produced by February to march, some business men start buying some to sell,  while some who want to make twice the money, will buy them and store. 

Then by October - November they will start selling them at a very high rate because that's when the demand is always high. 

6. Selling of wood (Mini timber business)

Wood business has grown to be very lucrative. 

Although it requires high capital to start a good wood business, you will need people to work for you, a saw mill and things like that, but you can start this business with N1-N10 Million, the demand for wood is very high in Nigeria, Wood business can make you extraordinary rich in no time. 

Trust me it has high profit also. But you will succeed in this business only if you are determined to.

7. Dry cleaning business:

Dry cleaning business is also very lucrative these days, many Nigerian's now prefer to give their cloths to dry cleaners, and if you are really focused and your work is also pleasant, then your present customers will market your services for you. 

But it is essential that you have a good strategy and something unique about your services. You can start this business with N100- 500k.

8. Agriculture:

Under Agriculture we have 
  • Poultry farming
  • rice farming
  • ginger farming
  • yam farming
  • pig rearing
  • fish rearing
I hope you know that, the next billionaire business apart from oil & gas, is now Agriculture. Running only one type of farming business can fetch you millions not to talk of having a big farm to farm all the listed produce. Let’s go back to agriculture. lol....

9. Kerosene business:

This is a million naira business if you can get it right, but the competition in the kero business is high. 

You need a large amount of capital to run a good kerosene business. It takes planning, patience and smart work to start. 

10. Football viewing center:

Business is really moving on this part of the world, do you know that youths and even grown up men love to watch football matches in viewing centers than their houses. 

Some love to go to viewing centers because of the excitement, gist and other things. You can start this business with about N200k or even less.

I think this is enough for now, if you have any questions, kindly drop them below, i will be glad to answer you. 

Note: success does not depend on the business you choose. But success solely depends on your approach towards the business.

One love, I remain Moses kalejaiye, welcome to

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